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Learning about SEMCO Energy Gas Company

SEMCO Energy Gas Company is a public natural gas utility based in Michigan. It serves almost 300,000 customers in the state, including industrial, commercial and residential customers. SEMCO Energy Gas Company utilizes its network of pipelines to deliver natural gas to its customers.

Understanding Michigan natural gas and electricity

Michigan’s legislation allows you to choose your supplier in both the electricity and natural gas markets, however, electricity deregulation in Michigan is a little more complex than natural gas deregulation. According to deregulation in the electricity market, you have the option to shop for electricity if:

  • You are a customer of an investor-owned utility.
  • You are a customer of a member-owned distribution company with greater than 200 kilowatts of demand.
  • Your municipal utility board allows it or if your utility isn’t regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission.
  • Your utility has less than 10% of its consumer load subscribed to an alternative electric supplier.

Michigan’s natural gas market is much simpler. Natural gas became deregulated in 2001, and anyone in the SEMCO Energy service area has the option to shop around for natural gas.

Choosing another supplier in the SEMCO Energy Gas Company service area

Because of the natural gas deregulation legislation in Michigan, residents can shop around for natural gas rates for supply in their area. Each resident may look for different aspects of a company before choosing a supplier. Consumers can compare natural gas rates among alternative gas suppliers and choose the plan that best fits their needs. Many suppliers offer short-term and long-term contracts so consumers can choose the one that works for them.

Calling the SEMCO Energy number

Michigan residents living in a SEMCO Energy Gas Company service area should always have its number handy. Even if they purchase natural gas supply from a retail supplier, it is still important to know the SEMCO energy number. The utility maintains the pipelines in Michigan, so if you have a natural gas emergency, such as a gas leak, go to a safe location and call the SEMCO Energy number immediately.

Important information about SEMCO Energy

  • Area served: Michigan. More specifically, the southern half of the state’s Lower Peninsula and in the central, eastern, and western parts of the state’s Upper Peninsula.
  • Phone number for emergencies: 888-427-1427
  • Phone number for customer inquiries: 800-624-2019

Updated 10-8-19