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Texas New Mexico Power (TNMP)

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What is Texas New Mexico Power?

Texas New Mexico Power is an energy utility company. You can count on TNMP to handle the infrastructure required to bring energy to your home or business. The company performs functions such as maintaining power lines and reading meters. It has been delivering electricity for about 245,000 homes and businesses in the Houston, DallasFort Worth, and Midland areas since 1981.

As a utility, Texas New Mexico Power does not sell electricity to customers directly. You must first buy an energy plan from a Retail Electric Provider (REP) that operates within the utility’s service area. To find an energy provider and energy rates in your area, enter your ZIP code above.

How to understand deregulation in Texas

Texas has had deregulated energy throughout most of the state for almost 20 years. This means  customers can choose from competing providers instead of having only the utility as their provider. The system is designed to create a competitive price market in your area and allow you to take advantage of better pricing. 

If you’re moving to a deregulated city from a regulated one or just want to hop providers, it’s time to learn how to switch energy providers. You can also read about how to lower your electricity bill and what you need to know about no-deposit energy plans. Finally, check out our energy buying guide to become an even more savvy consumer.

What is the difference between a utility and a supplier?

You buy your electricity from an energy supplier, and your utility company makes sure it gets to you. However, that’s not all a utility company does. Your transmission and distribution company also maintains power lines and makes sure vital equipment like circuit breakers are in working order. To be clear: When you search for a new electricity plan, you’re seeing offerings from suppliers.

Most of the fees associated with your bill will come from your supplier, but your utility company charges for transmission and delivery fees. Other items on your bill include taxes. Everyone in the TNMP service area will pay the same delivery fees no matter which supplier they buy from.

Which suppliers are available in Texas New Mexico Power’s service area

You can choose between a number of electricity in the TNMP service areas. Here are a few of the company’s most likely to serve your neighborhood. For a more precise list, enter your zip code above to see which plans serve your address.

Contact Texas New Mexico Power

To report outages, find out more about your meter reading schedule, or get a new line, you can contact Texas New Mexico Power. The company does not answer billing questions; they will refer you to your energy provider.

  • TNMP phone number: 1-888-866-7456 (select option 1 to report an outage)


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