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Ohio Residents: Learn About Your Utility, Toledo Edison

Toledo Edison, a FirstEnergy utility distribution company, provides power to energy consumers in northern and central Ohio. One the nation’s largest investor-owned electric corporations, FirstEnergy currently operates in six states and manages roughly 24,000 miles of electrical transmission lines.

In Ohio, Toledo Edison rates on supply are regulated

If you live in Toledo Edison’s service area, you have the option to either purchase your electrical supply from the utility or from a retail electrical supplier instead. In Ohio, the energy market is deregulated, which means residents and business owners have the freedom to decide which company they want to supply their electricity.

Take advantage of your power to choose. To best utilize this opportunity, shop and compare retail suppliers operating in the neighborhood to gain a full understanding of Ohio electricity supply plans and the options available.

Keep in mind that although the electrical supply rates offered by Toledo Edison are regulated by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to ensure consumers are charged fairly, they may not be the lowest on the market. Regardless of your decision, all residents in a utility’s service territory rely on that utility for delivery of the commodity.

Experiencing an outage or electrical emergency?

In severe weather and unforeseen circumstances, power outages may occur. However, a situation can become dangerous when there is a downed power line, which can be live and cause potentially fatal electrical shock. To manage an emergency situation or get the lights turned back on when you lose power, call Toledo Edison immediately.

In case you need to contact Toledo Edison, keep the below information readily available at all times.

Area served: North and central Ohio
Power outage number: 1-888-544-4877
News and safety: Read here
Community involvement: Read here

Updated 06-30-20