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Make the Most of Your Georgia Natural Gas Choices

If you live in Atlanta or in the Atlanta Gas Light Company service area, you must choose who supplies your natural gas. Georgia deregulated the natural gas industry in 1997, when it passed the Natural Gas Competition and Deregulation Act. As a result, Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) became a distribution utility that does not sell natural gas supply. It does not offer Georgia natural gas rates, but only distributes the supply bought by consumers in its service area.

In addition to the 1997 act that deregulated the natural gas market, the Georgia legislature also passed in 2002 the Natural Gas Consumers' Relief Act. This legislation created the Regulated Provider Program that delivers discounted natural gas prices in Georgia to low-income customers who wouldn't otherwise qualify for a supply plan from competitive marketers.

The state appointed SCANA Energy in 2002 to provide this service. SCANA offers low-cost pricing plans for families in need and reduced natural gas prices in Georgia for senior citizens. Georgia reimburses the company through surcharges on large industrial gas customers.

Who can shop for natural gas rates in Georgia

The deregulation legislation that changed the Georgia gas industry affected the state's two investor-owned utilities, giving them the option to unbundle the energy process for natural gas. Essentially, this enabled the utilities to step away from setting Georgia gas prices and focus on the delivery of the commodity to residents and businesses.

Atlanta Gas Light, which represents more than 1 million – or 80 percent – of residential Georgia gas customers, chose to embrace this option. United Cities Gas Company, now Atmos Energy, declined to operate as a deregulated utility. The result: Atlanta Gas Light customers have the opportunity to shop around for the best rates on natural gas supply, but Atmos Energy customers as well as residents who live in an area served by a municipal gas system do not.

How to shop for Georgia natural gas rates

Again, remember that Georgia residents can shop for natural gas rates on supply only if they live in the Atlanta Gas Light service area. Deregulation has opened more gas choices for these residents, so it's important for them to make an informed gas choice for their needs.

The Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) provides residents with guidelines on how to search for competitive GA gas companies - also known as natural gas marketers. The guidelines urge consumers to consider three primary categories when choosing a marketer: customer service history, competitive pricing, and terms and conditions. From there, residents can research Georgia natural gas marketers in-depth to find the best fit.

According to the PSC, the following competitive GA gas companies are current approved marketers in the state.

Unsure whether your home falls in the Atlanta Gas Light service area? You can take a look at one of your previous natural gas bills or type in your ZIP code on SaveOnEnergy.com®. Our site can assist you in searching for available Georgia natural gas supply rates in your area.

Utilize Georgia natural gas contact information

Although customers in deregulated areas have the ability to compare supply options from competitive GA gas companies, it's important to realize Atlanta Gas Light is still responsible for delivering supply to your home. The company will also maintain pipes and serve as your emergency contact. If you have a natural gas emergency, please use the contact information below.

Atlanta Gas Light Company

Atlanta area: 770-907-4231

Other AGL service area: 1-877-427-4321

Updated: 11-23-15.

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