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What is CenterPoint Energy?

CenterPoint Energy is a large energy and home services company that operates across six states in the United States. The company is a Houston-specific electricity supply utility and a natural gas supply utility for more than 3.2 million people in the Southeast and Midwest. The company also offers home services, such as heating and cooling solutions, in Minnesota.

CenterPoint Energy planted its roots in the mid-1800s with an agreement to supply street lamps with natural gas made from oyster shells and coal in coastal, southeast Texas. Throughout the next hundred-or-so years, the company became an electricity utility that generated and sold power to the Houston area. When Texas introduced an energy choice electricity market in 2002, CenterPoint Energy separated its generation of electricity from its delivery.

Read about CenterPoint Energy within the community

As an electricity utility, CenterPoint Energy provides not only electricity and natural gas distribution, but also community service in the areas it supplies energy. The utility has a close relationship with United Way, and assists 85 local United Way offices throughout its service area. It promotes employee volunteerism efforts through United Way and various organizations by recognizing outstanding volunteers with its GIVE award. The GIVE, or Grant Incentive for Volunteers, award is equal to $500 and goes toward a nonprofit of the employee's choosing.

CenterPoint Energy also believes in environmental stewardship, and, as its website states, continuously looks for new ways to reduce its environmental impact. The utility offers paperless billing, uses electric and natural gas vehicles and works with The Arbor Day Foundation to ensure proper tree maintenance.

Call CenterPoint Energy if you experience an emergency

If you live within the utility's service area, then call CenterPoint Energy if you experience any type of power-related emergency. Always call your utility if you lose power or believe there is a gas leak.

  • Arkansas: 1-800-992-7552
  • Louisiana:
    • North: 1-866-275-5252
    • South: 1-800-477-0177
  • Minnesota:
    • Commercial: 1-612-321-4939
    • Residential: 1-612-372-4727
  • Mississippi: 1-800-371-54-17
  • Oklahoma: 1-866-275-5265
  • Texas:
    • Houston – Gas: 1-800-752-8036
    • Houston – Electric: 1-713-207-2222
    • Beaumont: 1-800-376-9663
    • East Texas: 1-800-259-5544
    • South Texas:  1-800-427-7142
  • All other locations: 1-800-495-9880

Updated: 2-1-17.