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Con Edison Energizes New York City

As a NY electric utility as well as gas utility, Con Edison NYC and Con Edison in NY provide New York residents and businesses with the energy they need to heat and power their lives. Powering the city that never sleeps is a hefty task and Con Edison has been doing it for more than 180 years. This NY electric utility provides power to Westchester County and New York City. However, Con Edison NYC does not offer electric service in a small portion of Queens. In addition, this subsidiary of Consolidated Edison Inc. provides natural gas service to parts of Queens and Westchester, Manhattan and the Bronx.

Deregulation and New York electric companies

Deregulation in New York began in the late 1990s when the Public Service Commission (PSC) began unbundling energy bills by separating delivery and supply charges. While delivery charges remain regulated and from the utility, deregulation made way for energy services companies, or ESCOs, to enter the energy market, creating competition among supply rates in New York.

Energy customers in New York may notice their bill includes three separate charges. For supply, a customer is charged a market supply charge (MSC) and merchant function charge (MFC). These charges are the breakdown of supply fees and rates. Depending on which of the New York electric companies a consumer purchases energy from, these charges will vary. For delivery, a PSC regulated fee is attached to every bill. This delivery fee covers all of the costs associated with the utility distributing the energy.  

Con Edison electric rates

Because Con Edison in NY is a NY electric utility, it provides its customers with default service. Default service is for consumers who have not shopped around and picked an ESCO for their electricity supply. Con Edison electric rates for default service follow the market value of electricity and typically vary from month-to-month unless a customer opts for voluntary time-of-use rates that can vary hourly. Businesses with default service may have time-of-use rates if it consumes more than a certain amount of kWh per month.

Exploring ESCOs

If you receive supply rates from Con Edison in New York, you are receiving default service. This means that you haven't taken advantage of the competitive rates resulting from your state's deregulated market. Instead of paying what the utility is charging for supply, why not explore the ESCOs available in your area? What do you have to lose? Chances are, you may find a supply rate that makes your life easier such as a fixed rate that allows you pay the same price per kWh for the duration of your contract. Enter your ZIP code into® and compare rates in your area. Then, give us a ring to learn about what plans you can choose from.

Information to know

  • Area served: New York
  • Con Edison outage and emergency phone number: 1-800-75-CONED

Updated: 7-17-15