Duquesne Light

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Get to Know Duquesne Light in Pittsburgh

Duquesne Light is a Pennsylvania utility company that serves approximately 584,000 customers. The Duquesne Light service area includes 817 square miles in Allegheny and Beaver counties. The utility company maintains 45,000 miles of overhead power lines, 250,000 utility poles and 103,000 transformers.

PA Power Switch

The electricity and natural gas market in Pennsylvania operates hand-in-hand with the PA Power Switch program. In 2011, the PA Power Switch program was officially in place and opened up the energy market, allowing competition among alternative light companies. Although all residents and business energy customers have the right to participate in the PA Power Switch program, PA power to switch competitive suppliers may not be available statewide. Customers in the service area of Duquesne Light in Pittsburgh can participate in PA Power Switch. This means that as a resident or business energy consumer you have the opportunity to compare Duquesne Light rates to electricity supply rates from competitive light companies and find alternative plans, contract lengths, customer service options and prices.

Compare Duquesne Light rates with supply rates from competitive light companies

Living in an area in Pennsylvania where the energy market is deregulated puts the power in your hands. By shopping around and comparing your options with competitive light companies, you may save money and find a plan that's a better fit with your lifestyle. Duquesne Light rates are approved by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission but that does not guarantee that the rates are the lowest on the market. Also, the Duquesne Light electricity plan does not offer you many options. If you want to ensure that your rates are the lowest available to you or explore the variety of plan options offered by competitive light companies, you should shop around and compare your options.

Business energy in Pennsylvania

If you run or operate a business in the Duquesne Light electricity area, it's to your advantage to shop and compare competitive light companies for electricity supply. Starting and running a business can be costly and often times business owners are trying to save money in any way, shape or form. One way to ensure you're saving money is to compare business energy rates and plans. Competitive light companies typically offer customized rates for business energy customers and by comparing their prices you can figure out which deal is right for you. Duquesne Light's customers are approximately 90 percent residential. Switching to an alternative retailer that supplies many businesses with energy may offer plans, rates and customer service that better fits your business needs.

What to do in a Duquesne Light power outage

If you're a resident or business energy customer in the Duquesne Light electricity area in Pennsylvania and experience a Duquesne Light power outage, call the utility immediately. Even if an alternative supplier provides your home with electricity supply, call Duquesne Light. Power outages always need to be reported to the utility because they own, maintain and operate the power lines and are responsible for resolving emergencies.
  • Area served: Pennsylvania
  • Duquesne Light phone number: 1-412-393-7000

Updated: 7-17-15