You use eco-friendly cleaners, have a car with great gas mileage and purchase organic products – you've already gone green. But what about your pet? You probably don't realize how destructive the products you purchase for them may be. Not to mention, they can be incredibly bad for your fur babies! Take the next step by switching to these five eco-friendly pet supplies.

  1. Biodegradable waste bags. You may think that you are saving the environment by using your old groceries bags to pick up your dog's waste but don't forget that those plastic bags will take hundreds of years to decompose. Instead, appropriately recycle those grocery bags and start using biodegradable waste bags. These eco-friendly waste bags are available at most pet stores and are guaranteed to decompose much more quickly. Some are even made to break down in water so you can flush them down the commode.
  2. Kitty litter. Most kitty litters are chock full of harmful chemicals that make them clump. While clumping litter is convenient, it's really not necessary. Consider using one of the many natural alternatives. For instance, you can recycle old newspapers by shredding them up and using them as an alternative to litter. You can also find eco-friendly litters such as cedar chips.
  3. Organic pet food. You eat all organic, why doesn't your pet? Once your pet finishes that last can of food, switch to an organic brand. Not only is it good for the environment, it's better for your pet's health! Most traditional pet food is made from animal parts that you wouldn't want to eat, so why are you feeding them to your pet? Not to mention, a lot of dry food has corn by-products that are proven to be harmful. Cut out the risk and help the environment by making the switch!
  4. Flea treatment. While necessary, flea treatments don't have to be full of chemicals. Next time your furry friend is due for a dose, invest in Greenway Formula 7. This natural flea treatment works just as well and does not have the same risks of traditional chemical spot treatments.
  5. Recycled rubber pet toys. If you have a pack of rowdy dogs, you know how important it is to buy strong rubber toys that they can't tear to shreds. Switch to recycled rubber! It's easy and good for the environment. Plus, your doggies can still have a blast rough-housing around with the durability of rubber.

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