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Green Energy Electricity Rates

When shopping for green energy plans, Texas electricity customers have a number of options to consider. Green energy rates have come down over the years and provide at times a cheaper alternative than plans powered by fossil fuels.

Green energy is energy that doesn’t increase your carbon footprint. Electricity is generated by wind turbines, solar panels, hydroelectric plants and other sources that don’t produce carbon dioxide.

The SaveOnEnergy® marketplace helps you find a green option that suits your needs. Simply enter your ZIP code on this page, sort the results for green energy rates, and find an option that you like. In addition to green energy, you can sort by rate, term length, and other factors to narrow your search.

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Green energy plans in Texas

Every Texas energy plan contains a percentage of green energy. That’s because Texas generates more electricity from wind than any other state, according to the Energy Information Administration. As of November 2020, it produced the second-most energy by solar means (behind California). All that energy flows into the state’s electricity grid.

So all Texas retail electric providers sell green energy. You can find the percentage of renewable energy in a particular plan in its Electricity Facts Label, as well as information about the plan’s supply rate, transmission charges, term length, early-termination fee, and more.

Many providers offer options that will increase the amount of green energy coming to your house.

Green energy providers in Texas

Four providers on the SaveOnEnergy marketplace only sell plans backed by 100 percent green energy:

  • Gexa Energy. Every Gexa Energy residential plan is 100 percent green. Parent NextEra Energy Resources is one of the world’s largest generators of wind and solar power. Gexa also is based in Houston.
  • Green Mountain Energy. Part of the NRG Energy family of companies, Green Mountain Energy is one of the oldest companies offering renewable power. It is based in Austin.

Finding green energy plans in my area

Green energy rates vary across Texas, in part because of differences in the rates charged by transmission and distribution utilities, the energy company that delivers power to your home. So, it’s important to get local rates. You could do it by a web search for “green energy plans near me” or “green electricity rates in my area.”

That type of search is going to yield pages of results. You don’t want to have to go to every site to collect rates and compare plans. An easier way is to enter your ZIP code on this page and filter the results for green energy. You’ll have everything you need in one place.

FAQs about green energy plans

Does green energy come directly to my home when I buy a plan?

No. As mentioned earlier, green energy produced in Texas is added to the state’s energy grid. When you sign up for a green energy plan, your provider will buy renewable energy certificates to offset your energy use.

What is a renewable energy certificate and how does it help?

Renewable energy certificates are designed to offset your energy use when you sign up for a green energy plan. They support development of more renewable energy capacity.

How much Texas power is green?

This varies from month to month. According to the latest figures from EIA, which cover November 2020, nearly 27 percent of the electricity generated is green. (This excludes nuclear power generation, which does not emit carbon dioxide but is rarely considered green by most experts.)

What happens if I lose power?

It’s no different than if you have any provider in Texas. Call your utility. It’s in charge of repairing and maintaining powerlines and other equipment.

Shop for green energy rates

Still unsure about shopping for a green energy plan? Here’s our guide on picking a plan, including information on no deposit and prepaid plans.

Now, if you’re ready, enter your ZIP code and search for the plan you’d like. If you still have questions, call one of our energy experts at the number on this page and tell them you’re interested in a green energy plan. Reach out to us with any questions or concerns. 

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