The biggest wind farms in Texas

January 27, 2020   By Save On Energy Team

The biggest wind farms in Texas

Texas may be known for its oil industry, but it’s also home to some of the world’s largest wind farms. In fact, the Lone Star State leads the U.S. in wind-generated energy! In October of 2019, Texas wind farms generated nearly 27.5 percent of the country’s wind energy. And with renewable resources rising in popularity, it’s worth getting to know some of Texas’ biggest and most productive wind farms.

Sweetwater Wind Farm

Nolan County, TX, is home to the massive 583.3-megawatt Sweetwater Wind Farm. The Sweetwater project began in 2003 and construction was completed in 2007, with the wind farm offering more than 390 wind turbines. As one of Texas’ older wind farms, Sweetwater became an example of just how successful wind energy could become in the Lone Star State. Sweetwater was constructed in five distinct stages and the wind farm is owned by Duke Energy and Leeward Renewable Energy.

Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm

The Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm is so large it spans two counties – Sterling County and Coke County. This 662.5-megawatt wind farm offers 342 GE 1.5-megawatt turbines and 65 Siemens 2.3-megawatt turbines, with each turbine standing up to 260 feet tall. With such a host of powerful wind turbines, the Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm generates enough electricity to power more than 220,000 households. Because wind power is a form of green energy, the Capricorn project estimates it saves an average of 160,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center

Located in Taylor and Nolan Counties, Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center is a 735.5-megawatt facility spreading over almost 47,000 acres. When construction on this project was completed in 2006, the Horse Hollow Center was considered the largest wind farm in the world. The Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center contains 421 wind turbines, which can power up to 220,600 homes. Horse Hollow is owned by NextEra Energy and was constructed in three stages before becoming operational in 2006.

Roscoe Wind Farm

The Roscoe Wind Farm is in Roscoe, TX, located approximately 45 miles southwest of Abilene, TX. This 781.5-megawatt wind farm includes 627 wind turbines and, at the time of completion in 2009, surpassed the Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center as the world’s largest wind farm, spanning nearly 100,000 acres. The turbines on this farm range from 350 feet to 415 feet tall and are placed 900 feet apart from one another. The massive amount of power generated at the Roscoe Wind Farm is enough to provide electricity to 265,000 homes.

Los Vientos Wind Farm

The Los Vientos Wind Farm differs from its counterparts because it is in south Texas. Los Vientos can produce 910 megawatts and consists of more than 400 wind turbines. Although it is composed of five installation phases, just two of the Los Vientos phases generate enough electricity to power up to 120,000 homes. Los Vientos was built in Starr County, TX, and is owned by Duke Energy Renewables.

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