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Deregulated Energy in Michigan

The main motive behind Michigan’s deregulated energy system is to give power back to the consumer by offering a range of plan types and suppliers to fit their energy needs. From renewable energy sourcing to home efficiency services and beyond, retail suppliers do more for Michigan energy customers than the local utilities. To learn more about the benefits of deregulated energy, visit our partners at Choose Energy.

Why switch to deregulated energy?

Since the early 1990s, over 15 states and territories across the US have adopted energy deregulation legislation. Deregulated energy systems undo the utility companies’ monopoly over energy supply and open the market to nationally trusted retail suppliers. Retail suppliers can often offer better rates and incentives: than the local utility, so it’s important to compare your options before signing up with a deregulated energy plan.

Who provides my power?

Michigan’s deregulated energy system ensures that customers’ quality of service remains a priority. In the state’s deregulated system, as in those of other states, customers’ local utility company delivers their home or business’s electricity or natural gas. The main difference you’ll see with a deregulated energy plan is the price you pay for your monthly bill; your rate will remain constant, or change minorly, depending on the plan that you chose.

Once you’ve signed up for a deregulated energy plan through a trusted retail supplier, the supplier will communicate directly with your local utility to set up your service – but don’t worry, there won’t be any interruptions to your power delivery during that time. If you do experience a power outage during the switch or at any point after, contact your utility company directly

Utility Company Emergency Contact Number Customer Service Number
DTE Energy Power: 800-477-4747
Natural Gas: 800-947-5000
Residential: 800-477-4747
Business: 855-383-4249
Michigan Gas Utilities Natural Gas: 800-401-6451 Residential: 800-401-6402
Business: 844-889-3500
SEMCO Energy 1-888-427-1427 1-800-624-2019

Unfortunately, we do not sell any deregulated energy plans in Michigan at this time. If you’d like to learn more about deregulated energy and the switching process, visit ChooseEnergy.com.

Updated 1-22-18.

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