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Michigan energy rates

For businesses and homeowners in Michigan, you have choices when it comes to selecting your natural gas provider. It is due to Michigan’s legislature, who voted to deregulate natural gas service. Instead of having only one or a few providers to choose from, now you have a better selection. That way, you can compare natural gas rates in Michigan to find a suitable fit. 

Also, Michigan residents have their choice as it relates to the types of rates available for each plan. Some of the rates available include fixed, variable, and term lengths. With a fixed-rate plan, you will pay the same rate for the term. Meanwhile, with variable-rate plans, your rates are subject to change based on market conditions and other influencing factors. By having a better selection of plan types, it allows you to find the best natural gas company near me. 

Energy deregulation in Michigan

In 2000, Michigan’s legislature voted to deregulate natural gas. Now, customers have an abundance of choices when determining a Michigan gas supplier. And because they have more selection, they can find a suitable alternative. 

However, the same does not apply to Michigan’s electricity service. On this front, it operates on a hybrid deregulation model. The state-approved a specific percentage of the population (0.5%) could choose their electric suppliers, but the rest must use what was in the area. Not surprisingly, the demand for this filled up fast. 


To learn more about deregulation, as well as other energy incentives the state is doing, you can visit the Michigan Public Service Commission’s website

Energy plans in Michigan

When shopping for cheap natural gas rates in Michigan, Save On Energy can help. We compile all the resources you need to find the best natural gas rates in Michigan. This process will save you time as you have all the plan information from all the suppliers available in your area. Along with plan information, we offer resources to help make buying natural gas easier through: 

Also, when you sign up for natural gas service, it’s vital to know you have options. If you do not choose a supplier, you will receive gas service from your utility provider at a rate determined by the Michigan Public Service Commission. However, you can use the rate from your utility to see if you can receive more affordable Michigan natural gas rates with another supplier. It is why using Save On Energy’s marketplace is convenient, because you can compare all plans and prices in one place. 

Michigan energy companies

When shopping for natural gas, you will come across natural gas providers and utilities. Natural gas suppliers provide gas to homes and businesses using the infrastructure provided by the utility company. The supplier might also market their services to inform customers of other options in their area. Some of the suppliers in Michigan include Direct Energy, Just Energy, and Xoom Energy.

Meanwhile, a utility company is responsible for the maintenance of the infrastructure. It includes making repairs, fixing gas leaks, and responding to other emergencies. In Michigan, the utilities are Consumers Energy Company, Michigan Gas Utilities, DTE Gas Company, and SEMCO Energy Gas Company.

Find the right natural gas plan with Save On Energy

With Save on Energy, we make it convenient to shop for natural gas service. You can start by visiting our website at From there, you will:

  • Enter your zip code to find all the Michigan natural gas suppliers in your area.
  • Compare the plans by clicking on the plan detail section. It drops down to provide all the details of the supplier, such as rate type, price, and more. 
  • Once you find the plan you want, you can sign up online or call one of our energy experts at 1-844-859-0112 to finalize it. 
  • Enjoy your plan. Your new supplier will handle the setup.

Updated 11-6-2020

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