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Take a Look at Peoples Gas in Chicago

Peoples Gas has a long history in Chicago. The utility can trace its origins all the way pack to 1850 when it became the city's first utility and was responsible for lighting natural gas street lamps. The company has come a long way since its beginning. Today, Peoples Gas serves about 831,000 customers in Chicago.

Natural gas choice in the Peoples Gas Chicago service area

Illinois has a deregulated energy market, which gives consumers a choice in natural gas supply. Residential and business customers in Chicago can compare rates, plans and customer service options from a number of retail energy suppliers to find the best deal. The utility may or may not have the best natural gas supply rates. The only way to be sure you are paying the cheapest gas prices is to check and see what else is out there.

Peoples Gas, Peoples Energy and Peoples Natural Gas

If you're looking for more information on your utility, you should know there are other companies with similar names that should not be confused with Peoples Gas. Peoples Gas in Chicago is a natural gas utility that delivers energy to homes and businesses in the area. In the 1980s Peoples Gas separated its non-utility companies into a separate business, and took a new name, Peoples Energy Corporation. Later, in 2007, Peoples Energy Corporation merged with WPS Resources Corporation to create Integrys Energy Group, a conglomerate that's the parent company for a number of energy-related businesses. The name for the Chicago-area utility was restored to Peoples Gas and the name Peoples Energy is no longer used. Similar to Peoples Gas, Peoples Natural Gas offers gas delivery service. However, Peoples Natural Gas operates in western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Kentucky, where it delivers energy to about 700,000 people. It is not affiliated with Peoples Gas. There is also a third Peoples Gas, located in Florida. This company, which is part of TECO Energy, is also a natural gas distributor.

Looking for the Peoples Gas phone number?

Even if you purchase energy from a retail supplier, it is still important to keep the Peoples Gas phone number handy. The utility owns the network of gas pipelines in Chicago and is in charge of maintaining the system. You supplier doesn't have access to these lines. If you notice a gas leak or other gas-related emergency, be sure to get away from the area and call the Peoples Gas phone number, listed below, right away. Once the utility is aware of the issue, it can work to resolve the situation.

Important information for Peoples Gas in Chicago

  • Area served by Peoples Gas: Chicago
  • Peoples Gas phone number: 866-556-6002

Updated: 7-17-15