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Best Electricity Providers in Texas

Written by Faith Foushee/

Edited by Jamie Cesanek

Last updated 01/26/2024

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Texas electricity providers FAQs

  • Compare the best electric companies in Texas based on what is important to you. If you want the lowest available rate, enter your ZIP code and sort the energy plans from lowest to highest. If you want a specific provider, like Reliant Energy, filter plans based on the provider’s name. 

  • Yes, but it may cost you a fee. If you switch providers before a fixed-rate contract ends, you will likely pay an ETF. You can determine the fee amount by reviewing your EFL. You will not have to pay a fee if you are switching because it’s the end of your contract or if you move out of your current provider’s service area. 

  • A fixed-rate plan offers a stable electricity rate throughout your contract term, providing predictability in your monthly bills. A variable-rate plan fluctuates based on market conditions and may result in different monthly rates. Learn more about the various energy rate types to determine what’s best for you. 

  • Yes. Gexa Energy and Rhythm Energy are two of the best electric companies in Texas that specialize in 100% renewable energy plans. 

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