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How to get cheap light bulbs from your energy supplier

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Did you know that you can get cheap light bulbs that will save you money and last longer than incandescent ones? You can often get these free or vastly reduced prices from your energy utility. As long as you are within the region and a customer of the utility, you may be eligible to get up to 33% off LED light bulbs for your home. That means a standard six-pack of 60-watt general-purpose bulbs that is normally $30 multipack would end up costing you just $19.99.

LED bulbs can help your home energy bill

While we don’t recommend getting rid of light bulbs that have plenty of life left in them, it is a good idea to gradually replace your older-style bulbs once they expire with LEDs. What makes LED bulbs beneficial for you?

LED bulbs are:

  • Longer lasting. LED bulbs can last up to 20 years vs. the one-year lifespan of a typical incandescent or halogen bulb.
  • More energy efficient. LED bulbs “use up to 90% less energy and last up to 25 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs,” according to
  • Cheaper. Purchase through the supplier discounts below to save on LED bulbs for your home.
  • Not as hot. LED bulbs give off less heat so the energy your light bulbs use is going towards generating light, not heat.

Texas suppliers offering reduced-price LED light bulbs

To get these discounts, it doesn’t matter what retail energy provider you use. That means these programs are available to nearly everyone who uses power. And it’s easy to start saving money today. Whether your energy utility is AEP Texas, Centerpoint energy, Oncor, or TNMP, you can get discounts on LED lighting for your home. Here are all the details on how to get to cheap lightbulbs near you.

Where to find discounted LED light bulbs

  • In select stores. Including Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowe’s.
  • Online through your energy supplier. See the links below to find cheap LEDs for your home today.

Texas energy suppliers with lightbulb discounts

Just select your supplier below to see the lightbulb deals in your area. Not sure who your supplier is? Take a look at your most recent energy bill to find out.

AEP Texas

AEP Texas service area: AEP Texas serves south and west Texas areas.

Where to get LED light bulbs from AEP Texas: To see if you’re eligible to get cheap lightbulbs with AEP Texas, enter your ZIP code here.

CenterPoint Energy

CenterPoint Energy service area: CenterPoint Energy serves Houston and parts of eastern and southern Texas.

Where to get LED light bulbs from CenterPoint: To see if you’re eligible to get cheap lightbulbs with CenterPoint Energy, enter your ZIP code here.

Other incentives for CenterPoint customers: CenterPoint Energy has several other efficiency programs for residents in their service areas. You can get a free AC tune-up or a reduced-price smart thermostat. Read more about CenterPoint money-saving programs for residential customers.


Oncor service area: Oncor service areas include DallasFort WorthMidlandOdessa, and Waco.   

Where to get LED light bulbs from Oncor: Oncor customers can purchase light bulbs at a discount in retail stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Look for signs in-store on eligible products or select your city from the drop-down box on this page to find a location near you.

Other incentives for Oncor customers: Smart thermostats, including Google Nest and ecobee, are discounted for Oncor customers. See your smart thermostat options and get a coupon here or find a full list of residential customer programs here.

Texas New Mexico Power (TNMP)

TNMP service area: TMMP covers portions of the HoustonDallasFort Worth, and Midland areas.

Where to get LED light bulbs from TNMP: TNMP offers free LED bulbs as a replacement for incandescent bulbs through the Residential and Hard-To-Reach Standard Offer Programs.*

Other incentives for TNMP customers: Schedule a free AC tune-up or see TNMP’s full list of residential programs.*

*All TNMP residential customers can participate in the residential program. Households at or below 200% of the federal poverty line are eligible for the Hard-to-Reach program, which offers a larger discount on certain products and services. These programs are currently closed for the 2021 calendar year but will reopen in 2022. Contact TNMP to join a waitlist for the upcoming year.