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When you live in a deregulated energy state, your retail electric or natural gas provider isn’t the only name you have to keep track of. You’ll also have an assigned utility company, which delivers energy to your home regardless of which provider you choose. See below for a list of utility companies across the country to find the one that serves your area. Then, enter your ZIP code above to compare energy plans or see which providers you can choose from.

How is a utility different from a provider?

In regulated energy states, there is no such thing as a retail provider. Instead, the utility company manages all parts of your natural gas or electricity service, including selling you a plan and delivering energy to your home or business. In deregulated areas, things work a bit differently:

  • Energy providers sell you an energy plan.
  • Utility companies deliver that energy to your home, maintain power lines, and respond to power outages. In some states, they also compete with providers to sell plans.

To recap, when you enter your ZIP code to shop for an electricity or natural gas plan, you’ll be comparing many energy providers who operate in your area. Your utility company, meanwhile, is assigned to your area and you cannot choose a different one. This company will deliver the energy for whatever plan you choose and is who you call if you experience a power outage.

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