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Compare Pennsylvania Electric Prices

Edited by Jamie Cesanek

Last updated 05/28/2024

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Key Points

  • Thanks to deregulation, Pennsylvania residents can choose their own electric and natural gas plans and providers.
  • Electricity rates and gas prices in Pennsylvania vary with seasonal demand.
  • To find the lowest PA electric rates, enter your ZIP code and explore your options on the SaveOnEnergy marketplace.

Pennsylvania energy FAQs

  • Energy deregulation in Pennsylvania doesn’t only apply to electricity. Pennsylvania residents can also choose their own natural gas providers.

  • Public Power is typically one of the cheapest electric suppliers in Pennsylvania. However, remember that Pennsylvania electricity rates fluctuate regularly, and it’s important to compare current rates when shopping for a plan.

  • There’s not one energy plan that’s best for everyone. Instead, the best plan for you depends on your energy usage, budget, the type of plan you want, and other factors. Before you exercise your PA electric choice, take time to consider your top energy priorities.

  • You can use the SaveOnEnergy marketplace to filter green energy plans in Pennsylvania. 

  • In Pennsylvania, electricity rates fluctuate throughout the year. Due to its northern climate, energy demand and rates typically rise in the summer and winter when temperatures are most extreme. However, you can find cheaper electric rates in the spring and fall when demand is lower. To save on electricity costs, consider shopping around during off-peak times. The SaveOnEnergy marketplace makes it easy to find inexpensive electricity in Pennsylvania any time of year.

  • Electricity rates vary throughout Pennsylvania because utility companies charge different rates across different areas. The rate you pay in one part of Pennsylvania may be different in another town. That’s why exploring electricity rates near you is important when shopping for plans. For accurate and reliable Pennsylvania electricity rates in your area, use the SaveOnEnergy marketplace to explore and compare rates from various energy providers.

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