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Massachusetts Electricity Rates

Edited by Jamie Cesanek

Last updated 07/12/2024

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Key Points

  • Massachusetts residents have the power to choose their energy provider due to energy market deregulation.
  • Massachusetts electric rates vary based on each utility’s different transmission costs.
  • Choosing the right electric plan depends on your energy usage, budget, and preferred plan type.
  • SaveOnEnergy marketplace is the ideal platform for finding accurate and reliable energy rates in your area.

Massachusetts electricity rates FAQs

  • Energy deregulation in Massachusetts doesn’t just apply to electricity. It also gives consumers the power to choose their natural gas providers.

  • Clearview Energy is one of the cheapest electricity suppliers in Massachusetts. However, to stay updated on the most affordable rates available in Massachusetts, check the SaveOnEnergy marketplace regularly.

  • There’s not necessarily one energy plan that’s best for everyone. The best plan for you depends on your energy usage habits, budget, and the type of plan you want.

  • Enter your ZIP code to shop for green energy plans using the SaveOnEnergy marketplace. You can also consider community solar in Massachusetts, which will allow you to enjoy savings from solar energy without paying the upfront cost.

  • In 2022, electricity rates in Massachusetts rose significantly due to high natural gas prices caused by the war in Ukraine, inflation, and increased demand. Since natural gas-burning plants generate most electricity in New England, the utilities in Massachusetts passed on the higher costs to customers.

  • The average residential rate in Massachusetts is 29.25 cents/kWh and the average commercial rate is 21.37 cents/kWh.

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