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Best Solar Lights of 2022

Which is right for your home?

Written by Lisa Iscrupe

Edited by Hannah Hillson

Last updated 05/12/2022

6 min read

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Best solar lights in 2022

Price*Brightness WarrantyBest for
Hampton Bay Solar Ground Lights $29.97 for 4 15 lumens 2-year Low profile lighting that won’t trip you up
Pure Garden Tall Outdoor lights $57.00 for 8 6 lumens 30-day Pathways, steps, and gardens that include another lighting source nearby
Ring Smart Motion-Activated Solar Lights $89.99 for 2 80 lumens 1-year Smart home compatibility and the ability to control lights when away
Defiant 1000 Lumens Solar-powered Motion-Activated Flood Light $54.98 1,000 lumens 3-year Bright security lighting without the wiring hassle
Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Lights $87.29 Not listed 2-year Durable outdoor mood lighting all-year-round

*prices at the time of publication

Pros Cons
Uses green, renewable energy May not fully charge depending on weather
Don’t have to worry about replacing batteries Initial investment can be pricey
Easy to install May not be bright enough

Home solar lights FAQs

  • It is not necessary to turn off solar lights. In fact, some solar lights don’t even have an on/off switch. Some solar brands may suggest turning solar lights off as a troubleshooting technique. Refer to your solar lights manufacturer’s guide for more specific directions on the best care for your lights.

  • Like standard lights, solar lights repel some animals and attract others. So you may see an uptick in bugs and moths, which are usually followed by lizards and birds. However, solar lights will keep most rodents, raccoons, and coyotes away. If you are specifically trying to deter animals, look for motion-sensor solar lights. 

  • Yes. You can leave solar lights out all year, even in winter. Just as residential solar panels work in winter, so will the best solar garden lights. The lights may have less time in direct sunlight during the shorter winter days, but solar lights will charge even in cold or overcast conditions. 

  • If your solar lights are rated for outdoor use, you can be assured that they are also waterproof. 

  • Solar lights generally range from $25 to $100. The price can vary depending on how many lights come in a pack.

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