Best Solar Lights of 2022 |

Best Solar Lights of 2022

Which is right for your home?

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Outdoor solar lights are an optimal solution for lighting your garden or pathways in 2022. Solar lights are an easy, inexpensive option with a low barrier of entry for the average homeowner. Solar lights use solar energy to provide an inexpensive and charming way to decorate the exterior of your home. Even if you are not familiar with solar panels for your home or consider the cost of solar panels outside your budget, solar lights are a practical way to take advantage of solar trends. 

Overall best solar lights of 2022:

  1. Hampton Bay Solar Ground Lights
  2. Pure Garden Tall Outdoor Solar Lights
  3. Ring Smart Motion-Activated Solar Lights
  4. Defiant 1000 Lumens Solar-powered Motion-Activated Flood Light
  5. Brightech Ambience Solar String Lights

Best solar lights reviews

When comparing solar light options, first consider the primary use of the lights. Do you need to illuminate a walkway, or create a cozy atmosphere on a patio, or are you in need of security floodlights with motion-sensing technology? Regardless of your solar lighting needs, we can help you pick the best solar lights for your home. 

Hampton Bay Solar Ground Lights

These Hampton Bay Solar Ground low-profile lights are unique because they have a discreet design. If you want your garden or walkway to be the star of the show, these solar lights made from aluminum and textured glass are a good choice. A pack of four round, disk-shaped solar lights illuminates for up to eight hours. These LED pathway lights automatically turn off during the day and emit a soft, white light at night. The lights are 4.8 inches in diameter and have a 5-inch stake to push into the ground, allowing easy installation. These solar lights are waterproof and include a two-year product warranty from the manufacturer. 

What we like: The outdoor solar lights are affordable and super easy to install. 

Things to consider: The plastic stakes are not the most sturdy material, so use caution when trying to place these in compact ground or clay. 

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Pure Garden Tall Outdoor Solar Lights

Pure Garden Tall Solar lights are the best solar garden lights if you are looking to make a statement with your outdoor decor. Measuring 16 inches tall and 4.5 inches in diameter, you can choose from black, copper, or gunmetal finishes on these stainless steel solar lights. These waterproof solar lights will line your footpath with cool white light for up to six hours. The bulbs are 720 watts and emit six lumens each using the integrated polycrystalline solar panels. These solar garden lights come with a 30-day limited warranty.

What we like: These solar lights come eight per pack, making them a good value.

Things to consider: If you’re searching for extra bright lighting, you may want to look elsewhere. 

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Ring Smart Motion Activated Solar Lights with Ring Bridge

The Ring Solar Pathlight Starter Kit comes with two lights and the Ring Bridge. Additional lights are $34.99 each. The Ring Bridge is a hub to group various Ring products together within the Ring app, such as doorbells and cameras. It is also compatible with Alexa. These solar pathway lights project 80 lumens and have a motion-detecting range of 15 feet. Standing at just under 17 inches tall, the Ring solar lights are operable in temperatures from -4° to 120°F. Theft protection and a 1-year limited warranty are included, and high-speed internet with Wi-Fi is required. 

What we like: Customizable options on these solar lights include adjusting brightness, notifications and security alerts, how long the lights stay on when motion-activated, and more. 

Things to consider: Smart solar lights are typically the most expensive option on the market. 

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Defiant Solar Powered Motion Activated Flood Light

The other lights on our list have centered around garden or pathway lighting, but did you know that you can use solar energy for your home’s floodlights too? The Defiant floodlights provide some of the brightest outdoor solar lighting security through its 180° motion-activated 50-foot range. Clocking in at 1000 lumens, these ultra-bright solar lights can be installed with no wiring necessary. These lights include rechargeable backup batteries and a 3-year warranty.

What we like: These are the brightest solar lights on our list. 

Things to consider: Some reviewers said the motion-sensing function was not as sensitive as they would have liked.

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Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Lights

If you want to bask in a backyard right out of a Hallmark movie, you need string lights. The Ambience Pro solar lights give off a soft white light using 15 LED bulbs that never get hot. These solar garden lights automatically come on at dusk to provide approximately six hours of ambient lighting. Durability is a key factor in any outdoor lighting and these string lights deliver with shatterproof bulbs, a rubberized cable, and a full 2-year warranty (with a 3-year limited warranty) to back it up. Light up your whole yard by connecting up to eight strands of solar string lights.

What we like: These sturdy solar lights can withstand strong rain and wind (up to 50 mph). 

Things to consider: The bulbs on these string lights are relatively spaced out. In fact, one Amazon reviewer mentioned that when upgrading from the 24 ft. to the 48 ft. version of the Ambience Pro solar lights, they were surprised to see that it was a difference of only three bulbs.

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Best solar lights in 2022

Price* Brightness Warranty Best for
Hampton Bay Solar Ground Lights $29.97 for 4 15 lumens 2-year Low profile lighting that won’t trip you up
Pure Garden Tall Outdoor lights $57.00 for 8 6 lumens 30-day Pathways, steps, and gardens that include another lighting source nearby
Ring Smart Motion-Activated Solar Lights $89.99 for 2 80 lumens 1-year Smart home compatibility and the ability to control lights when away
Defiant 1000 Lumens Solar-powered Motion-Activated Flood Light $54.98 1,000 lumens 3-year Bright security lighting without the wiring hassle
Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Lights $87.29 Not listed 2-year Durable outdoor mood lighting all-year-round

*prices at the time of publication

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How to find the best solar lights

Solar lights come in many shapes, colors, brightness and can include a variety of additional features. From simple stake lights to complex smart solar lights, here are the main characteristics to consider when shopping for the best solar lights for your home:

  • Brightness: The brightest outdoor solar lights are measured in lumens. Estimate how many lumens you need for your outdoor setting. 
  • Light time span: Most solar lights will last from 6 to 10 hours on a full charge. 
  • Aesthetically pleasing: There are many solar light styles and color temperatures (i.e., warm white vs. cool white) to fit your preference. 
  • Ease of installation: Most solar lights are plug-and-play. Some solar lights can also be mounted on walls; however this is a DIY solar install. Installing solar lights is much easier than a more technical installation of home solar panels
  • Cost: Solar lights are available for almost any budget. The majority of the best outdoor solar lights we looked at were around $50. 
  • Sturdiness and materials: Choose from metal, stainless steel, glass, cast iron, ceramic, and more. Premium materials will be more likely to withstand rough weather conditions. Many solar lights are classified as shatterproof, shatter-resistant, or rust-resistant. 
  • Availability: It is a good idea to make sure the solar lights you select are available if you need to replace or add more lights. 
  • Warranty: The best solar lights tend to have a warranty of around two years. Check your product information for coverage. 
  • Bonus features: Some additional features you might want with your solar lights include motion sensors, app-connected smart lights, dimmable, and a removable solar battery for indoor charging.

How do solar-powered lights work?

Solar panels work by turning sunlight into AC (alternating current) electricity, which our homes use for power. Solar-powered lights are like miniature versions of the best solar panels. However, instead of producing electricity, the sunlight is used to power the light bulbs. Solar lights are especially useful in the top solar electricity states

Pros and cons of solar lights

Pros Cons
Uses green, renewable energy May not fully charge depending on weather
Don’t have to worry about replacing batteries Initial investment can be pricey
Easy to install May not be bright enough

Home solar lights FAQs

Should you turn off solar lights? Expand / Collapse Toggle

It is not necessary to turn off solar lights. In fact, some solar lights don’t even have an on/off switch. Some solar brands may suggest turning solar lights off as a troubleshooting technique. Refer to your solar lights manufacturer’s guide for more specific directions on the best care for your lights.

Will solar lights keep animals away from my garden? Expand / Collapse Toggle

Like standard lights, solar lights repel some animals and attract others. So you may see an uptick in bugs and moths, which are usually followed by lizards and birds. However, solar lights will keep most rodents, raccoons, and coyotes away. If you are specifically trying to deter animals, look for motion-sensor solar lights. 

Do solar lights last year-round? Expand / Collapse Toggle

Yes. You can leave solar lights out all year, even in winter. Just as residential solar panels work in winter, so will the best solar garden lights. The lights may have less time in direct sunlight during the shorter winter days, but solar lights will charge even in cold or overcast conditions. 

Are solar lights waterproof? Expand / Collapse Toggle

If your solar lights are rated for outdoor use, you can be assured that they are also waterproof. 

What is a good price for solar lights? Expand / Collapse Toggle

Solar lights generally range from $25 to $100. The price can vary depending on how many lights come in a pack.