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San Diego Solar Panels: 2024 Cost and Local Incentives

Last updated 10/16/2023

Get an estimate of solar cost and savings at your home.

Key Points

  • An average 5-kilowatt home solar system in San Diego costs around $17,350.
  • San Diego experiences many sunny days throughout the year, making it a perfect location for solar energy production.
  • Government incentives can help you lower solar installation costs in San Diego.

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Is solar right for your home?
Get an estimate of solar cost and savings at your home.

Solar power FAQs

  • On average, a residential solar system costs around $17,350 in the Golden State. You can recoup thousands of dollars from your investment by applying for the 30% federal tax credit. You can also lower the cost of solar panels in San Diego with city and state-wide incentives.

  • Solar power can be a smart investment in San Diego, thanks to the city’s sunny climate and incentives that bring down the total costs. However, other factors may influence how effective solar panels will be on your property, including any shading around your house and the angle of your roof.

  • While there are no free solar panels in San Diego, there are programs and incentives that can substantially lower the cost of installing solar panels. These incentives include federal tax credits, local net metering benefits, and financing options that make solar installations more affordable. Researching and exploring your options is important to find the most suitable and cost-effective solution for your home.

  • California is the country’s top solar-producing state, and there are many trusted solar contractors to choose from in San Diego. You can browse our solar energy resources to learn more or enter your information into SaveOnEnergy’s solar estimator to find the best match for you. 

  • Solar power is a natural and renewable resource. It doesn’t emit carbon dioxide or other pollutants when generated or used, so it’s far better for the environment than traditional fossil fuels. If you decide to go solar, you’ll reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

Solar energy by state

Is solar right for your home?
Get an estimate of solar cost and savings at your home.