Palmetto Solar: Products, Pricing, and Reviews

Written by Lisa Iscrupe

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Last updated 09/07/2022

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Palmetto overview

Palmetto wants to make it easy for anyone to switch to solar, and save money while benefiting from using renewable energy. The residential solar company provides customer support throughout the entire process of getting solar panels for your home: from the initial quote, design, permitting, and inspection to the solar panel installation. Palmetto also invests in long-term customer relationships by providing support after installation.

Palmetto solar fast facts

Year founded2010
Service areasCurrently in 24 states and Washington, D.C.
Types of panels soldHanwha Q Cells and REC Alpha Pure
Time to install1–2 days
Battery optionsSonnen battery
BBB ratingA+ with accreditation 
Financing optionsSolar loan or cash (independent financing also accepted) 
Customer service ratingsNet Promoter Score (NPS) score of 85% (NPS measures customer experience)
Palmetto appAvailable in the App Store and Google Play
Customer supportFour different levels of Palmetto Protect 

Explore solar options with Palmetto

Palmetto assures “end-to-end” care, which means the company supports the customer from the initial quote to installation to years of customer service. Customer satisfaction is better because homeowners communicate with just one company instead of several independent contractors. This arrangement also makes it easier for the customer to get support, including filing solar warranty claims or general troubleshooting. 

Install time for a solar panel system from Palmetto is one to two days. However, according to Palmetto, other processes can take a few weeks. Palmetto handles all the paperwork for these applications and approvals, and the timelines of these prerequisites overlap, so the overall duration isn’t extensive. Examples include:

  • 2–4 weeks for permitting
  • 3–6 weeks for utility approval
  • 2–4 weeks for inspection
  • 3–5 weeks for permission to operate 

Palmetto currently installs residential systems in these 24 states and the District of Columbia:

ArizonaIllinoisNew JerseyRhode Island
CaliforniaMarylandNew MexicoSouth Carolina 
ColoradoMassachusettsNorth Carolina Texas
ConnecticutMichiganNew YorkUtah
GeorgiaNevada PennsylvaniaWisconsin

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Palmetto products and services

Solar panels

Palmetto typically uses monocrystalline Hanwha Q Cells or REC Alpha Pure; however, options can vary by location and availability. Palmetto selects solar panels with the following specifications:

  • Solid black (no blue panels or visible grid lines)
  • Efficiency greater than 19.8%
  • Average power rating of 400 watts

Palmetto Protect

Palmetto offers customer support following installation in four levels of additional coverage that range from free to $49 per month. Palmetto service requests can be made online or via the Palmetto app. Additionally, if a piece of equipment falls under the manufacturer’s warranty, Palmetto Protect manages these claims on behalf of the customer.


Palmetto offers Sonnen batteries for customers. Sonnen is rated among the best solar batteries. Select from two different Sonnen models, the Sonnen Core or the Sonnen Eco. Both models have an available energy capacity from 10 kWh–20 kWh and come with a warranty of 10 years or 10,000 cycles. 


Palmetto offers various solar inverters based on the needs of your solar panel system. Your contract with Palmetto outlines the specific high-efficiency inverter brand and details. Solar inverter repair and replacement after panel installation can also be handled by Palmetto technicians for a fee.


Palmetto only installs solar panels with a minimum 12-year product and 25-year performance warranty. However, many of the solar panel brands Palmetto uses now offer a 25-year product warranty.  

Cost of Palmetto solar panels

The cost of solar panels depends on your home’s energy consumption, as well as the size and location of your home. Therefore, specifying an exact cost of a solar system with any solar company is variable. However, according to Berkeley Lab, the national median price per watt is $3.82, and the average installed cost is $24,742. 

When designing your customized solar system, Palmetto will help you identify your energy needs and select the number of solar panels to meet your usage, along with any additional components, such as solar inverters or batteries. Your overall solar panel cost is apportioned according to your home’s energy needs. 

Financing solar options with Palmetto

Financing through Palmetto is available in the form of a solar loan. Solar loans through Palmetto have an extended payback period of 20–30 years and fixed interest rates. Both options allow customers to apply for the Clean Energy Credit (formerly called the Solar Investment Tax Credit, or ITC), which offers a federal tax credit of 30% on solar products purchased through 2032. 

Palmetto also accepts independent financing options, such as:

FAQs about Palmetto

  • Palmetto was founded in 2010 and has been in business for twelve years.

  • Palmetto is headquartered in Charleston, SC and installs solar in 24 states, plus the District of Columbia. 

  • Yes. Multiple arrangements may be needed to complete permitting requirements, including meeting HOA or local building standards. According to the company website Palmetto will work on your behalf to define the requirements in your area and secure all necessary permits and approvals.”

  • According to Palmetto, “We work exclusively with the top solar panel, inverter, and storage manufacturers in the industry and specify components based on your project and location,” however, “equipment offerings will vary by location and availability.” Additionally, Palmetto selects “premium solar panels in solid black with an efficiency rating greater than 19.8%. In most U.S. markets, our standard panel size or power rating is 395-405 watts. Manufacturers must offer, at minimum, a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year linear performance guarantee (though some product warranties extend to 25 years).”

    More specifically, according to CNET, “Palmetto installs Q Cells panels and REC Alpha Pure Black panels,” which are both rated among our best solar panels for 2022.

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