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Illustration of male and female superheroe

Which superheroes are the most eco-friendly?

SaveOnEnergy uncovers the environmental impact famous superheroes would have on the planet and ranks them from most eco-friendly to least.

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Foreign electrical plug on foreign currency

How much do electricity bills cost in each European country?

SaveOnEnergy investigates which European countries are forking out the most and least for their electricity bills.

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Illustration of green planet in the palm of someone's hand

Which European countries are most interested in saving the planet?

SaveOnEnergy determines which European countries are most interested in how to save the planet and embark on a more eco-friendly way of life.

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Recycling symbol and recyclable items on desk

Which recycling signs baffle Brits the most?

SaveOnEnergy discovers whether the nation knows their recycling symbols and delves into the meaning of each one.

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Woman posing in front of cameras at red carpet event

What are the most sustainable vintage red carpet outfits of all time?

SaveOnEnergy has discovered which celebrities are the most sustainable with their fashion choices on the red carpet.

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Who are the most eco-friendly Royal Family members?

SaveOnEnergy uncovers how conscious royalty are of their environmental impact, ranking members of the Royal Family from most to least eco-friendly.

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Smart phone taking a photo of a waterfall in the background

What are the world's most Instagrammable natural wonders?

Which of the hundreds of natural wonders across the globe takes the top spot in hashtags on social media?

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Wooden sign displaying the word 'wedding'

Are green weddings on the rise?

With eco-friendly weddings on the rise, Save On Energy uncovers exactly how far Brits are willing to go in order to achieve the ultimate green wedding day.

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People walking down a busy high street

What are the most eco-friendly high streets?

SaveOnEnergy looks into which UK high streets are the most eco-friendly and assesses the various winners and losers.

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Closeup of someone holding Nintendo Switch controller and playing Zelda on television

Is your gaming habit harming the environment?

Could your gaming habit be harming the environment? SaveOnEnergy explores the carbon footprint of the best-selling video games on the planet.

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Baby girl sat on grass among flowers

What are the most popular eco-friendly baby names of 2020?

SaveOnEnergy discovers the most popular eco-friendly inspired baby names of 2020.

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Two wooden chalets by the lake

Where are the best eco-friendly places for a staycation in the UK this summer?

From self-sustainable city hotels to hidden nature spots, SaveOnEnergy reveals the best UK eco-friendly staycations.

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Saving money putting pennies in jar and calculating

How has working from home bagged Brits £3.46 billion in savings?

Staying in is the new going out - living in lockdown has meant we are spending less and less on the things we usually do, seeing Brits bag more savings than ever before!

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Neighbours disagreeing with each other over a garden fence

What would Brits fine their neighbours for?

As we spend more time at home, what bad habits do our neighbours have that annoy us the most?

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Wardrobe with clothes hanging in it

Wardrobe waste: what do you do with all your unworn clothes?

Too many clothes? SaveOnEnergy reveals the extent at which we waste clothes and offers tips on what to do with them to make a profit

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Close-up of food stored in a freezer.

What are the strangest things people leave in their freezers?

Your freezer habits might surprise you - we take a look at how often people clean their freezers out and what they are storing in there.

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Recycled clothes hanging on rack

Revealed: top 10 EU countries for recycling clothes

With many assessing our habits in lockdown, which EU countries are most inspired to recycle their wardrobes?

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Mother and Father teaching children to bake in kitchen

What life skills are parents teaching their children in lockdown?

With lockdown stretching on, which skills are parents taking the time to pass on to their children?

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Disney World and logo through magnifying glass

Which Disney princess is the eco-friendliest?

Which Disney princesses have the most eco-friendly habits? SaveOnEnergy runs the rule over the leaderboard.

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Smart meter on table showing energy usage.

Energy-illiterate millennials: how many energy terms do they know?

How much do you think millennials know about their energy bills and usage as well as everyday home tasks? Our survey has the answers...

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How much CO2e is emitted by drinking tea?

Tea is more or less the UK's national drink, but how much CO2e are we emitting by drinking it?

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Woman touching house picture with EPC rating.

Which areas of the UK emit the most and least CO2?

Which areas in the UK are emitting the most and least CO2? We've crunched the numbers here.

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Representation of utility costs fluctuating for households

Which UK regions pay the most for their utility bills in 2020?

With more people spending more time at home due to coronavirus restrictions, which regions are spending the most on their utility bills and would they be better off switching to save money?

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Various streaming services on a screen

Does online video streaming harm the environment?

Is there a carbon footprint associated with video streaming? SaveOnEnergy has crunched the numbers to calculate the impact of streaming on the environment.

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