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Wild fox in woodland

Which European countries are most committed to wildlife conservation?

With declining wildlife worldwide, SaveOnEnergy studies the search habits of European nations to discover which countries are most interested in wildlife conservation

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Cars stuck in a traffic jam at dusk.

Which region produces the most CO2 due to traffic?

Traffic delays can result in a lot of obvious problems for drivers, but they also have a detrimental impact on the environment. SaveOnEnergy has analysed delays that have occurred across England, and discovered the CO2 impact of this.

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Learner driver and ad L-plate on the back of a car.

Which areas in the UK produce the most CO2 from failed driving tests?

The last thing on a learner driver's mind is likely to be the environmental impact of the driving test they're about to take. However, as many of us don't pass first time, SaveOnEnergy discovers the CO2 produced from failed driving tests, and where in the UK is the worst offender.

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Laptop and fashion items while shopping for clothes online.

The UK cities contributing the most CO2 to fast fashion

With fast fashion being driven by the rise in online shopping, SaveOnEnergy discovers the extent to which online fashion retail brands could be harming the environment.

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Woman picking an item of clothing off a clothes rail.

Which European countries has the thriftiest shoppers?

With ever-growing pressure on our wallets and the environment, SaveOnEnergy discovers which European nations are the thriftiest shoppers.

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Deserted street overgrown with greenery.

Which cities are best to survive a zombie apocalypse?

If zombies were to take over, how prepared would your city be? SaveOnEnergy looks at how truly-self sufficient UK cities are to see which would fair best in a zombie apocalypse.

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Stag in green wilderness.

Which European countries have the most protected land?

With city dwellers craving more access to nature, SaveOnEnergy discovers which European countries have the most protected land for us to enjoy.

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Lake and mountains in Glacier National Park.

Which European country has the highest rated national parks?

Looking for an outdoor fix? SaveOnEnergy discovers where the best rated European national parks are.

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Exterior of a vegan bakery and deli shop

Which cities are the most vegan-friendly in the UK?

As those pledging to be vegan increases, SaveOnEnergy discovers which UK cities are the most vegan-friendly.

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