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Green Energy UK company profile

Green Energy UK is a small but unique energy supplier. As the name suggests, it specialises in renewable green energy. However, unlike most other suppliers in the country, Green Energy UK exclusively offers plans that are 100% renewable in both gas and electricity.

  • Founded: 2001

  • HQ: Ware, Hertfordshire

  • Total customers: 20,000+

Founded in 2001, Green Energy UK styles itself as a brand that is committed to renewable clean energy, demonstrated by its tariffs that only supply 100% renewable gas and electricity. Despite the reputation of green gas as being expensive to generate for the supplier and pricey to purchase as a customer, Green Energy UK claims to price its plans as competitively as possible. The company claims to offer great value when compared against not only other green energy suppliers, but the utilities market in general. 

What is Green Energy UK?

Green Energy UK takes a unique approach to business in more ways that one. Most notably, it is committed exclusively to green energy solutions. Its published fuel mix supports this claim, showing that sources are 100% renewable and that carbon dioxide emissions are at zero. 

The brand also claims to be the first and only private company in Britain to have offered free shares to its customers. In 2008, to “reward people for going green”, the company gave away a significant portion of shares to its customers – 400 per sign-up – effectively making them part-owners of the company. Green Energy UK hoped that this would help the brand stay transparent and increase its ability to provide customers with what they need by letting them have a say in how the business was run.  

What are Green Energy UK’s tariffs? 

Green Energy UK offers two plans, both of which are fixed rate tariffs. Unlike other green energy suppliers which often offer 100% renewable electricity and partially-renewable or non-renewable gas, these plans use green energy as either single or dual fuel, providing both green electricity and green gas. The plans can also be used for single rate and two-rate meters.

Dual Fuel Sparkling

This fixed rate green energy plan is 100% renewable. Easily managed online, a fixed rate ensures prices will not rise before September 2020. There are no exit fees if you choose to switch tariff.

Dual Fuel EKOenergy

This unique plan is designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

  • 100% renewable energy, the electricity of which is completely renewable and the gas of which is made using sustainable bioenergy. Neither has an adverse effect on food security or social justice. 

  • Suppliers who sport the EKOenergy logo pay at least 10 euros/MWh into the EKOenergy Climate Fund, to finance global renewable projects.

  • Animal environments are protected, e.g. important bird habitats cannot be disturbed to produce wind power.

  • Green gas 100% produced from waste such as that produced by forestry and agriculture. It will not use crops which have been specifically grown to produce biomethane gas.

  • Safeguarding of marine life so that hydropower does not negatively impact fish habitats or migration.

EKOenergy is a label that is given only to energy plans that fulfil strict criteria and raise funds for new green energy projects. Green Energy UK’s plan adheres to the following guidelines, allowing it to use the term ‘EKOenergy’ as proof of its commitment to clean, renewable green energy:

  • Tracked energy: The energy on this plan, as with any EKOenergy plan, must be traceable to its origins so it can be proven to be green.

  • Sustainability: Energy generators including solar, hydro and wind cannot be located inside protected nature areas. EKOenergy does not accept biogas that has been generated from non-waste products i.e. sources produced with the explicit purpose of making biogas.

  • Contributions towards new projects: A portion of every Megawatt hour of electricity purchased will go towards funding new green energy solutions.

  • Auditing: Claims made by suppliers and brands are independently verified to ensure that EKOenergy criteria is being met.

How is Green Energy UK’s power generated?

Green Energy UK draws on several green energy sources to power its plans. They include the following:

  • Hydro: Hydro-electricity is made using the power of rain water and the natural power of rivers

  • Solar: Solar panel farms generate energy via sunlight

  • Wind: Wind farms consisting of high-tech turbines convert wind speed into power

  • Biomass: Wood and plant waste is broken down in a way that releases useable gas energy

  • Anaerobic digestion: Waste products are placed in a vacuum and microorganisms break it down, releasing gas in the process

Green Energy UK only uses energy generators that are approved by Ofgem, and only uses green energy solutions that are located in the UK. 

Green Energy UK’s helping hand

As well as doing its best for the planet, Green Energy UK offers extra help to its customers. With a Priority Service Register to eligible customers, services such as priority re-connection in the event of a power cut and braille or large print communication are offered to those who need it and who meet the following criteria:

  • Are living with a chronic or long-term illness

  • Are over 60 years of age

  • Are blind or partially-sighted

  • Are deaf or with hearing difficulties

  • Are disabled or have special needs

Is Green Energy UK right for me?

If green energy is important to you then Green Energy UK may be a great option, as the UK’s only supplier to offer 100% green gas along with totally renewable green electricity. Its plans are simple and competitively priced, while the lack of exit fees and fixed rate ensures that you’re not tied down and you don’t need to worry about fluctuating prices. 

Bjorn GriffithDec 9th 2019