Compare Utility Warehouse energy deals

Utility Warehouse company profile

Set up by Telecom Plus to manage its residential services, Utility Warehouse is a multi-utility provider that supplies UK households with landline, mobile telephone and broadband as well as gas and electricity. 

  • Founded: 2002

  • HQ: Colindale, United Kingdom

  • Total customers: over 600,000

Telecom Plus launched Utility Warehouse as a single brand in 2002 to control its residential energy, telephone and broadband offerings. Whilst it outsourced the supply of its gas and electric to npower in 2006, it bought back over 500,000 customers from the energy supplier in 2013. This move has made Utility Warehouse one of the UK’s largest energy suppliers outside of the big six – with some commentators speculating it would become a seventh electricity powerhouse in the UK.

As a multi-utility provider, Utility Warehouse makes itself competitive with the big six by packaging its utilities together at discount prices, making for simpler bills and management whilst offering award-winning customer service. This model has helped it win Utilities Brand of the Year at the 2018 Which? Awards and third place in the Uswitch Energy Awards 2019.

Utility Warehouse tariffs: the discount club

Based on its business model, Utility Warehouse offers several tariffs dependent on what services you decide to use. 

On the standard Utility Warehouse gas and electric tariff, the brand guarantees its customers will enjoy savings that make it a competitive alternative to the big six, with a promise to lower prices if any of the big six brands do. However, Utility Warehouse is notable for creating bundle deals that offer even better value for money, such as:

Gold Bundle

Including energy, phone and broadband, the Utility Warehouse Gold Bundle offers an exclusive Gold Energy Tariff, which is cheaper than Utility Warehouse tariffs for energy-only customers. It also offers to replace light bulbs for both homeowners and tenants with energy-efficient LEDs when moving to this bundle to reduce your energy costs – although this requires tenants to be over 30 years of age and have a Utility Warehouse smart meter installed.

Double Gold Bundle

The Double Gold bundle also adds mobile onto the Gold Bundle package. This package gives you access to the very cheapest energy tariff as well as an annually fixed price tariff. If you’re switching from another supplier, Utility Warehouse offers up to £200 to cover early termination fees for customers who are locked into a contract. It also has a ‘Double the Difference’ price promise to pay back double your losses if swapping to Utility Warehouse costs you more than your original supplier.

With any bundle that includes multiple utilities, you will also pay all these utilities in one bill from Utility Warehouse – simplifying the bill paying process.

Prepayment Meter

Pay-as-you-go electric and gas is also available in the form of a prepayment meter with Utility Warehouse, however it does not offer any special bonuses or top-up services to customers on pay as you go tariffs.

You can also use the Cashback discount scheme to earn money off your utility bills – Utility Warehouse offers a Cashback card that gives cashback on your utility bills when you make purchases in-store or online.

On standard and bundle tariffs, Utility Warehouse allow you to control your utilities using the Utility Warehouse app. Along with the added convenience that an app provides, customers on bundle packages will also be able to manage their energy, phone contract and Cashback card from one app.

Utility Warehouse smart meters

As part of its price competitive and customer experience focused approach, Utility Warehouse offers smart meters to its Discount Club members. 

A Utility Warehouse smart meter – and smart meters in general – record your energy use and automatically send these readings to your supplier. 

There are several benefits to using a smart meter. For one, you no longer need to use estimated bills or take meter readings manually to confirm your bills, as smart meters will give this information to your supplier automatically. It can also provide you with information about your energy use in real-time to see where and when you’re using energy, which can help you be more efficient with the energy you use. 

And with the meter itself being offered for free, installing a Utility Warehouse smart meter is stress-free – it’s also a prerequisite for some of its special tariffs and discount offers so you will need to have one installed if you’d like to take full advantage of its offerings.

Utility Warehouse customer service

Part of Utility Warehouse’s strategy to be competitive with the big six has been its highly regarded customer service offerings, with the supplier receiving an 83% overall satisfaction rating in a YouGov survey commissioned by Uswitch. Its website contains an extensive support section for the various utility services it provides, as well as a support phoneline running Monday-Saturday (8am-8pm weekdays, 9am-4:30pm Saturday) and a 24-hour phoneline for line faults. 

Is Utility Warehouse a good option as an energy supplier?

If you would like to move all your utilities to one single supplier, then Utility Warehouse is worth considering. The combined simplicity of bill payment, savings and bonuses are an attractive package altogether. Especially when you’re making use of all its services, from the Cashback card to the Utility Warehouse smart meter and app, there’s the potential for significant savings, along with money-back guarantees.

For those who are concerned about the environmental impact of their energy, Utility Warehouse’s offerings do not focus on green energy provision, with its fuel mix containing only 8.9% renewable energy compared to a UK average of 32.8%. If you also prefer to keep your utilities separate, it is likely that other providers may have better deals for your specific needs. 

Ben GallizziEnergy Expert - Nov 12th 2019