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Texas energy consumers who prefer pay as you go electric or prepaid electricity supply plans may be interested in an energy plan from Acacia Energy. This competitive electricity provider offers Acacia Energy rates on supply in two forms: prepaid electricity plans and a traditional billing option. All Acacia Energy plans are month to month, meaning there is no long-term commitment involved. For most plans, there is no credit check and service can be activated within the same day. According to its website, Acacia Energy can get a consumer’s power turned on in as little as an hour, depending on the plan he or she is activating.

The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) site shows the company’s name changed to Brooklet Energy Distribution LLC in 2015. Under Brooklet Energy Distribution, the company is doing business as Acacia Energy and is also affiliated with Now Power, Snap Energy and Vital Power.

What is pay as you go electric?

Pay as you go electric, or prepaid electricity, allows consumers to pay ahead of time for their anticipated energy use. Prepaid electricity plans are a great option for consumers who struggle with credit checks or simply want to pay as they go. Acacia Energy’s prepaid electricity does not require a credit check and for some plans no form of identification is needed. However, consumers who choose a prepaid electricity plan are still subject to utility fees for delivery and infrastructure maintenance. Prepaid rates on supply do not cover these utility charges.

Acacia Energy assists those in need

This competitive electricity provider offers two programs for customers who require financial assistance. The Burned Veterans’ Discount Program offers monthly credits of up to $90 between the months of April and October for military veterans who have been disabled as a result of severe burns acquired during service. Along with this program, the Acacia Customer Assistance Program helps low-income families and those facing hardships pay their energy bill. Qualifying Acacia Energy customers for either of these programs must provide proof of eligibility and apply on its website after activating their plan with Acacia Energy rates.

In the event of a power emergency, contact your utility

Although you may purchase your energy supply from a competitive electricity provider, it is only responsible for your supply plan. No matter where you live, your local utility remains in charge of energy delivery and system maintenance. It is important to remember that, because this is your utility’s responsibility, in the event of a power emergency such as a downed line or outage, you must contact it for a resolution. Be sure to keep your utility’s phone number to report these instances accordingly.

Updated 10-8-19

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