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Best Solar Inverters of 2023

Last updated 05/10/2023

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Key Points

  • An inverter is a critical component of every solar system.
  • Solar inverters can cost between $1,000 and $1,500 for a medium-sized installation.
  • Our list of best inverters factors in cost, size options, warranty, and efficiency levels.

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Solar inverter FAQs

  • Alternating current (AC) electricity is the type of power that comes out of the outlets in your home and that your appliances and devices use. The current from AC power shifts between positive and negative because of its electrons. On the other hand, direct current (DC) electricity produces a current that moves in a straight line. Solar panels produce this type of electricity when they capture energy from the sun. Solar inverters are in charge of converting DC electricity into AC electricity, so the power your solar panels generate can be used in your home.

  • Yes, you will need a solar inverter for your home solar system to function properly. Without an inverter, your solar panels will only generate DC electricity, which won’t power your home. Therefore, choosing the right solar inverter is important for an efficient solar system.

  • Solar inverters usually cost between $1,000 and $1,500 for a medium-sized installation. Several factors influence the cost of solar inverters, including their size and the type of inverter you purchase. Microinverters, for example, tend to have a lower price tag, but the overall cost can be greater than a string inverter because you must buy a unit for each of your solar panels.

  • Most solar inverters come with a 5 to10-year warranty. There is often the option to extend this warranty up to 20 years at an additional cost. The warranty details will depend on the manufacturer and the type of inverter you choose. Most solar inverter warranties will cover product defects, mechanical issues, or unexpected wear and tear that can shorten the product’s lifespan.

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