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Chico Solar Panels: 2024 Cost and Local Incentives

Written by Alison Plaut /

Edited by Jamie Cesanek

Last updated 02/01/2023

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Image of Upper Bidwell Park in Chico, California
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Key Points

  • The average solar system in Chico, California, costs $27,430 before any solar incentives and credits.
  • Chico’s average solar system size is 7.8 kilowatts.
  • You can acquire your solar panels in various ways, whether through cash purchases, financing programs, PPAs, leasing, community solar, and more.

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Is solar right for your home?
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Chico solar power FAQs

  • Solar panels in Chico cost about $3.52 per watt. For a full system, before tax credits, the average cost is $27,430. Home size, battery type, typical energy usage, and energy goals all factor into the final installation costs. Some consumers choose to sell back additional solar energy to the grid, increasing up-front costs and long-term returns. 

  • Yes, solar power is growing, and the return on investment (ROI) for solar panels in Chico makes it an attractive option. Solar panels in Chico cost about 9.6% less than the national average, making possible ROI higher. 

  • There are many reliable solar panel installers in Chico and around Northern California. You can find a good solar panel installer through SaveOnEnergy’s resources. To start, fill out this form to speak with a solar advisor.

  • Solar power is a renewable resource that doesn’t emit carbon dioxide or other harmful greenhouse gasses, thereby protecting the environment. Investing in solar panels effectively reduces your carbon footprint and contributes to lower carbon emissions worldwide. Solar is better for the environment and can contribute to creating a more sustainable future.

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Is solar right for your home?
Get an estimate of solar cost and savings at your home.