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Generac PWRcell Review

Written by Lisa Iscrupe

Edited by Hannah Hillson

Last updated 10/25/2022

4 min read

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Number of battery modules Total storage capacity Cost* (before installation)
618kWh $15,000

*approximate cost can change based on market value

Should you buy the Generac PWRcell in 2022?

Pros Cons
Customize between 9–36 kWh of battery capacity Must be installed at the same time as your solar panels (not retroactively)
Free of emissions and fossil fuels Will not function in extreme cold or extreme heat
Industry-standard 10-year warranty PWR manager is purchased separately (MSRP is currently $1,099)

A solar battery does add an additional expense to your solar investment. The GeneracPWRcell battery can add $9,999 or more, depending on storage capacity and installation costs. This expense also extends the time it takes to recoup your solar costs

Conversely, a solar battery like the GeneracPWRcell can increase the amount of usable solar energy available to you in the event of a power outage or in the case of bad winter weather that causes temporary power loss to your area. If you’re looking to add a solar panel system to your home in 2022 or 2023, getting a GeneracPWRcell home battery at the same time could be a wise decision.

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