Generac PWRcell Review 2022 |

Generac PWRcell Review

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How much does the Generac PWRcell cost?

The 9 kilowatt-hour (kWh) base model of the Generac PWRcell in 2022 costs $9,999, according to GetPWRcell, and comes with three battery modules, a battery storage cabinet, and one inverter. This cost does not include installation or solar panels. 

Installing the Generac battery will add another couple of thousand to the total price of the Generac PWRcell battery. “Most solar battery systems cost between $2,000 and $3,500 to install,” according to Home Advisor. Therefore, with installation included, expect the overall cost of the Generac PWRcell battery to cost between $12,000–13,500. 

Adding a solar battery to your solar system can delay the time it takes to see a return on your solar investment. However, a solar battery can also improve the efficiency of your solar panel system since surplus energy will not be wasted. This is especially true if you live in a high solar-producing state

Generac PWRcell tax credits and incentives in 2022

A Generac PWRcell and related installation costs are eligible for the 26% federal solar tax credit (ITC), which runs through 2022. With the solar tax credit, you could save almost $3,000 on the battery alone with the 9kWh Generac battery. Starting in 2023, the solar tax credit will change to 22%, which is still a substantial savings of $2,200 on the GeneracPWRcell. The solar tax credit also covers the cost of solar panels. Whether you are shopping for the best solar panels, the best solar shingles, or the best solar batteries, 2022 is a great time to invest in solar for your home

Your state may offer solar incentives and rebates as well. Discover more about solar incentives near you by selecting your state from the list at the bottom of this page. Some common statewide solar incentives and rebates include:

  • Property tax exemptions for solar improvements
  • Low-interest solar loans
  • Net-metering benefits (energy bill credits for supplying the power grid with excess energy)

The solar tax credit is only available to homeowners who purchase or finance their solar system and solar battery. Leasing your solar system or entering a solar power purchase agreement (PPA) are two other methods of acquiring a solar panel system. In these instances, the solar tax credit will go to the owner of the solar system instead of the homeowner. However, you still benefit from lower electricity costs and clean, renewable solar energy.

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About the Generac PWRcell home battery

Solar panels work by capturing sunlight and converting it to usable energy for your home. Then, a home solar battery, such as the Generac PWRcell, stores excess solar energy from your solar panels. The Generac PWRcell brochure states, “PWRcell pairs with solar panels from most manufacturers.” However, at the time of publication, the battery must be installed at the same time as the solar panels. The battery is not designed to be installed at a later time. A Generac representative said the company is currently developing a retrofit battery solution to work with existing solar panel systems.

The Generac PWRcell has a 10-year solar warranty, which is on par with competitor solar batteries on the market, such as the Tesla Powerwall. Your solar panels will last much longer than that, and most monocrystalline or polycrystalline panels come with a 25-year warranty

Key specs and features of the 2022 GeneracPWRcell

The GeneracPWRcell home battery has several key features that set it apart from other solar home batteries. 

  • Lithium-ion battery: Like the Tesla Powerwall, the GeneracPWRcell is a long lifespan, low maintenance lithium-ion battery 
  • Automatic Transfer Switch: This preprogrammed function allows the GeneracPWRcell to seamlessly take overpowering your home after a power outage. 
  • PWR manager: The PWRmanager lets you further customize your power output in an outage. Using the PWRview app, you can prioritize circuits within your home to keep your essential appliances running. The app also lets you monitor your energy consumption and battery use to forecast your monthly energy bill.
  • Two battery models: Choose from the GeneracPWRcell EX or DCB. The difference between the two models is the operating temperature, which is 32-104°F for the EX model and 41-113°F for the DCB model. Otherwise, all specs are very similar.
  • Warranty: The GeneracPWRcell 10-year warranty states that “beginning upon the successful registration of the unit, Generac Power Systems, Inc. (Generac) warrants that its Generac PWRcellⓇ products will be free from defects in material and workmanship.” This coverage applies to the items and time period(s) outlined in the warranty.

Generac PWRcell storage capacity

A single Generac solar battery contains three modules. This battery capacity will be enough for most homes to maintain power to essential appliances during a power outage. The Generac PWRcell battery includes an automatic transfer switch to maintain power to your required circuits seconds after a power failure occurs. If you want to maintain power to your entire home, you may need additional battery units. 

The average U.S. household electricity use equals 893kWh per month, which is roughly equal to 29kWh per day. If you estimate that most of that energy is used during your waking hours, that breaks down to under 2kWh per hour. Therefore, a 9kWh GeneracPWRcell could maintain power to key appliances for several hours. Want to get a better idea of how much energy your home uses? Check your energy bill or Not use our energy consumption calculator to determine how many solar panels and the number of battery modules you need for your home. The chart below shows the cost and storage capacity of each Generac battery size.

Number of battery modules Total storage capacity Cost* (before installation)
3 9kWh $9,999
4 12kWh $12,000
5 15kWh $13,000
6 18kWh $15,000

*approximate cost can change based on market value

Should you buy the Generac PWRcell in 2022?

The GeneracPWRcell is among the best solar batteries available to homeowners. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the GeneracPWRcell solar battery.

Pros Cons
Customize between 9–36 kWh of battery capacity Must be installed at the same time as your solar panels (not retroactively)
Free of emissions and fossil fuels Will not function in extreme cold or extreme heat
Industry-standard 10-year warranty PWR manager is purchased separately (MSRP is currently $1,099)

A solar battery does add an additional expense to your solar investment. The GeneracPWRcell battery can add $9,999 or more, depending on storage capacity and installation costs. This expense also extends the time it takes to recoup your solar costs

Conversely, a solar battery like the GeneracPWRcell can increase the amount of usable solar energy available to you in the event of a power outage or in the case of bad winter weather that causes temporary power loss to your area. If you’re looking to add a solar panel system to your home in 2022 or 2023, getting a GeneracPWRcell home battery at the same time could be a wise decision.