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New York City Solar Panels: 2022 Cost and Local Incentives

Written by Michelle Honeyager/

Edited by Jamie Cesanek

Last updated 09/02/2022

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Solar Power FAQs

  • The two most direct influencers of solar system costs are the size of the array and the local installer’s price. The median cost in the state of New York for a solar array is $3.89 per watt. A standard 5 kW panel would cost about $19,500. Shop around with different installers to find the best price and system for your energy and financial needs.  

  • Solar power can be a solid long-term investment. The upfront cost may be quite high, but you could save thousands over the course of 20 years after purchasing solar in New York City. Energy prices tend to rise over time — and current energy prices are quite high — so lowering your energy bills by generating your own electricity can lead to long-term savings.

  • Fill out our form today to find a solar installer near you. SaveOnEnergy helps connect local solar installers with residents interested in switching to solar. The installer will go over financing options and help you choose the solar panel system for your situation.    

  • Solar power does not release carbon dioxide like coal or oil. Its power originates from sunlight, so it’s considered a renewable energy source. Installing solar is one of the most impactful ways to reduce your home’s carbon footprint and cut back on the carbon you put into the atmosphere. You can learn more about solar and the environment in our resources on solar energy and its renewability

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