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Last updated 03/10/2023

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Payless Power rates in Texas

Overall Score3.8/5
Customer Service3/5
Online Accessibility3.3/5
Business History5/5

Payless Power FAQs

  • You can use SaveOnEnergy’s marketplace to compare rates and plans from Payless Power and other energy providers in your area. Enter your ZIP code to find a list of available energy plans near you and filter your results for only Payless Power plans.

  • Payless Power specializes in no-deposit electricity plans, meaning you don’t have to worry about paying an upfront deposit when you sign up. To learn more about no-deposit and prepaid electricity plans and figure out whether they are good options for you, check out our no-deposit energy guide.

  • Many energy providers require a credit check when you sign up for your electricity plan to determine whether you need to pay a deposit. Payless Power doesn’t require credit checks, however, because it specializes in no-deposit plans. 

  • Payless Power offers six- and 12-month prepaid plans. Consider your budget and plan preferences to decide which is best for you. If you prefer short-term contracts and flexibility, you might like the six-month Payless Power plan. If stability is a priority, a 12-month plan from Payless Power might be a better choice, as Payless Power rates may be quite different when your plan expires in only six months.

  • If you move within Payless Power’s service area, you can take your plan with you. When you move outside the company’s service area, you can cancel without having to pay an ETF as long as you submit proof of your change of address.

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