Delaware Solar Panels Pricing and Incentives

How much do solar panels cost in Delaware

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Solar power in Delaware

Solar energy has been around for a few hundred years and is gaining popularity around the country as a green energy solution for homes and businesses. Are you considering solar panels in Delaware for your home or business? Over 20,000 homes get their power from solar energy in Delaware. Though Delaware is one of the least solar-powered states in the U.S., it is gaining traction as prices for solar systems decrease and the overall cost becomes attainable for more homeowners. Delaware also has solutions for renters and those who cannot shoulder the upfront cost of a solar panel system for their homes.

Delaware solar panel cost

The cost of solar panels in Delaware and across the country is measured in dollars per watt. Several factors influence the total cost of solar panels in Delaware, including the type of solar panels you choose, the system size, brand, roof type and position, as well as soft costs including installation and permitting.

The average cost of a solar system for residential use in Delaware is $2.92 per watt, which brings the total system cost to $23,738 before factoring in solar incentives like rebates and tax credits. When purchasing a home solar system, the average payback period for homeowners is 6–9 years.

Price Per WattSystem Size (kW)Cost
High$3.9411.8 kW$46,589
Median$2.928.1 kW$23,738
Low$2.485.8 kW$14,535

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Delaware solar panel incentives or rebates

Solar panels in Delaware have a large upfront cost. One way to offset the price tag is by taking advantage of incentives and rebates. 

On a federal level, homeowners who have solar panels installed in 2022 through 2032 can get a 30% federal tax credit called the Residential Clean Energy Credit, formerly known as the Investment Tax Credit (ITC). There is no maximum solar panel cost cap on the federal tax credit. Homeowners looking to purchase solar panels in Delaware should take advantage of this tax credit to help recoup installation costs.

There are also Delaware solar incentives to consider. Residents can get rebates when buying solar panels to offset the initial cost. Delaware supports the distributed solar market by allowing for community solar sharing, which ensures that one individual isn’t bearing the full cost. You can also use third-party solar financing to compare quotes to get the best deal on the entire project.

Why choose Delaware solar power?

Lower energy costs

Though solar panels in Delaware have an upfront cost, they can reduce how much you pay on your monthly energy bills. If you think you may sell your home in the future, installing a solar panel system can also improve your home’s value. Over time, the energy savings and property value increase will adjust to reflect true savings on the cost of your solar panel investment.

Establish energy independence

Another reason to purchase solar panels for your Delaware home is to gain energy independence. With solar panels, you can worry less about rising electricity rates, and the need to rely on the electricity grid to power your home. And with a solar battery, you won’t have to worry about power outages like residents depending on the power grid.

Go green

Another reason to consider solar panels in Delaware is to lower your family’s environmental footprint. Adding solar panels to your home can potentially decrease your contribution to climate change. Solar panels are just one form of clean energy that reduces pollution. Not only is solar a type of green and clean energy, but it is also a renewable energy source. 

Should I buy or lease my solar panels?

One of the biggest debates homeowners have when deciding to install solar panels is whether to buy or lease the panels. While the lower upfront cost to lease the solar panels can be tempting, you will actually save more money over time if you buy or finance the solar system. Homeowners who lease won’t see the same amount of savings as they would when buying the panels, and may not be eligible for Delaware solar incentives and rebates like the federal solar investment tax credit. Solar panels can also increase your home value when reselling by $15,000.

One alternative to leasing or buying solar panels is a power purchase agreement (PPA). which This agreement takes the responsibility of designing and maintaining the system off of the homeowner and puts it on the solar developer. You will benefit from clean energy, but not necessarily financial savings. 

You can also choose to share the cost of solar panels in Delaware through a shared or community solar program. In this program, each community subscriber purchases a portion of a large solar system and receives credits from the utility company on their energy bill. Community solar programs may also be a good solution for renters and homeowners who share a roof or have an old one they aren’t ready to replace.

Delaware solar panel companies

Delaware has several solar panel companies that install solar systems. The SaveOnEnergy marketplace can connect you to top-tier solar company in your area. Review our solar resources on SaveOnEnergy to understand more about the solar industry and choose the right Delaware solar panel company. You’ll find helpful resources on the most efficient solar panels, how they work, and details on what to expect during installation. If you are ready to go solar, call the number on your screen or request more information

The history of solar power in Delaware

The state of Delaware played a large part in the history of solar power. In 1972, the University of Delaware (UD) created the Institute of Energy Conversion to research and develop solar thermal and photovoltaic (PV) panel systems. The following year, UD created a PV/thermal hybrid called “Solar One,” which was considered the first solar-powered residential system.

Delaware ranks 41st in the nation for solar power. There are several solar farms in Delaware, including the Bruce A. Henry Solar Farm in Sussex County and the Milford Solar Farm in Kent County. Milford Solar Farm can generate up to 12 megawatts (MW) of electricity, which can power over 1,300 homes in Delaware. Solar energy is rapidly growing in the state, with over 20,000 homes currently powered by solar. Delaware also has a goal of having 25% of its power sourced by renewables by 2026, with at least 3.5% of that power coming from solar.

Important solar installation factors to consider

If you’re trying to decide if solar panels are right for your Delaware home, consider these factors:

  • The age, angle, and condition of your roof may not be suitable for solar panels. According to the Department of Energy, homes with south-facing roofs that are sloped 15–40 degrees achieve the most benefit from solar panels.
  • Solar panels offer the most savings in states with lots of sunshine. Before signing up for solar panels, consider how much sun you get on your Delaware home, especially if you have trees that shade your roof.
  • If your home is part of a homeowners association (HOA), there may be solar panel size restrictions, and therefore you may need prior approval before you can install them.

Solar power FAQs

  • The average cost of solar panels in Delaware is $23,738. However, the cost will vary because it is dependent on the type of panels you choose, how big your system is, installation costs, and other factors. You may also be eligible for Delaware solar incentives and federal credits, which can reduce how much you pay for the system.

  • Whether solar power is a good investment in Delaware depends on several factors, but it could lead to big savings over time. Your energy usage, ZIP code, and local weather can help you decide if solar panels are right for you. There are also power purchase agreements and community-shared solar systems to consider if you choose not to buy or lease solar panels directly.

  • The amount you could save by investing in solar varies by the system you install and your energy production habits. Keep in mind that Delaware is 24th in average electricity bill cost, with residents paying an average of $124.89 per month on electricity. 

  • Delaware offers several options for good solar panel installers. Before you sign a solar contract, research your options thoroughly. Consider getting quotes from several different Delaware solar companies to compare system and installation costs before deciding.

  • Solar power helps the environment in a few ways. It is a renewable energy source that does not emit carbon dioxide. Solar panels can help reduce the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere, which helps address climate change and lower your household’s carbon footprint.

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