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Solar Panels for Home

Written by Lisa Iscrupe/

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Last updated 08/22/2022

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Are you ready to have the freedom of solar energy independence by getting solar panels for your home? If going green is in your future, discover everything you need to know about solar panels for your home. Find answers to frequently asked questions, such as the cost of solar panels for your home, the main components of a home solar system, and the installation process. 

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Home solar panels FAQs

  • Yes, you are still connected to the grid when you have solar panels. The power grid will give you power during times of lower solar energy, and the homeowner benefits from net-metering. Net-metering gives you credits on your electricity bill when you supply energy from your solar panels back to the power grid. It’s a win-win situation. 

  • Solar panels can supply power to your entire home. A qualified solar installer can help make sure you are getting the most out of your solar installation.

  • While technically it is possible to install your solar panels without the help of a professional installer, we do not recommend it. Solar panels must be installed according to specifications to work at peak performance. 

  • You can still benefit from solar panels on your home, even if you use natural gas in your home. However, you will see a greater benefit if you use all-electric appliances.

  • The coolest thing, pun intended, about solar panels for your home is that it is entirely possible to get a zero-dollar monthly electricity bill due to net-metering credits, which allow you to give energy back to the power grid when you have extra. You can also invest in a battery for solar storage. And as an added safety net, you are still connected to the power grid if you do need energy outside of your solar system. 

  • You can get solar panels for free by entering into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). With a PPA, a developer installs solar panels on your home, but you do not spend money on the system. The developer then sells you the solar energy at a reduced kWh rate. 

  • The good news is homes with solar panels sell quicker and for more money. You can also elect to take your solar panels with you to your new home for an added cost. 

  • Most solar panels last 25 years or more, but eventually, the panels will lose efficiency and need to be replaced. Because panels are made with elements and chemicals that need to be disposed of properly, it is a good idea to have either the manufacturer or a solar recycling company handle this process.

  • Batteries are not a necessity for a home solar panel system. They can add several thousand dollars to the cost. However, many homeowners opt for solar batteries to save their excess energy and be more energy independent.

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