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Electricity Bill Report: June 2024

Last updated 05/29/2024

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  • Many energy providers and utility companies offer bill assistance programs to help residents struggling with energy bills. These programs may include a payment deadline extension, deferred payment plan, or waived late fees.

  • Reducing your energy usage is the most straightforward way to lower your energy bills. Some energy-saving tips are easy and painless. SaveOnEnergy can help you lower your energy usage immediately. To start, it helps to know where you are using power in your home. You can use the SaveOnEnergy usage calculator to estimate your home’s energy consumption.

  • For residents living in deregulated areas, you can switch to a plan with a cheaper rate. It’s important to note that lower rates don’t automatically equate to lower bills. Your usage and the terms of the plan are important factors as well. However, finding a lower rate can be a good step towards lowering your energy costs.

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