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The® Electricity Bill Report: Who paid the most, least?

Written by Save On Energy Team

Last updated 11/03/2022

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Updated November 3, 2022

Electricity bills are relentless – they come every month, and there’s little alternative except to pay them. But some months are more painful for residential electricity than others. Most state electricity comparisons are made on the basis of electricity rates, usually expressed in cents per kilowatt-hours (kWh). It’s a number that doesn’t mean much to average users, who care more about that figure on the bottom line of their electricity bills.

That’s why we publish the® Electricity Bill Report, a monthly look factoring the latest average state energy rates and average power usage in each state to show what’s happening with the monthly electricity bills across the country. The November 2022 Report uses the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s data from August to show that Utah residents paid the lowest electricity bills in the country on average. On the other side, Hawaii residents paid the highest electricity bills of any state.

How does your state stack up?

10 states with the lowest electricity bills

StateAugust rateAvg. monthly usageAvg. bill
Utah11.43 ¢/kWh769 kWh$87.90
Montana11.55 ¢/kWh858 kWh$99.10
Washington10.37 ¢/kWh969 kWh$100.49
New Mexico15.09 ¢/kWh670 kWh$101.10
Idaho10.76 ¢/kWh955 kWh$102.76
Wyoming11.88 ¢/kWh869 kWh$103.24
Colorado14.86 ¢/kWh711 kWh$105.65
Oregon11.59 ¢/kWh916 kWh$106.16
Wisconsin 15.79 ¢/kWh694 kWh$109.58
Vermont 20.20 ¢/kWh567 kWh$11453

Digging into those numbers provides some surprises. Vermont residents paid 20.20  cents/kWh for electricity – the 9th highest electric rate in the country. So how do they have such low monthly bills? Their monthly energy usage at 567 ¢/kWh is third lowest in the country.

Which states have the highest bills?

What about the other side of the equation? Hawaii recorded the lowest average monthly usage at 537 kWh in August but received the highest electric bills. That’s because Hawaii residents had the highest electricity rates in August at 45.73 ¢/kWh.

10 states with the highest electricity bills

StateAugust rateAvg. monthly usage Avg. bill
Hawaii45.73 ¢/kWh537 kWh$245.57
Connecticut26.64 ¢/kWh711 kWh$189.41
Alabama15.59 ¢/kWh1,145 kWh$178.51
Georgia16.20 ¢/kWh1,081 kWh$175.12
New Hampshire27.47 ¢/kWh630 kWh$173.06
Louisiana13.85 ¢/kWh1,201 kWh$166.34
Tennessee13.98 ¢/kWh1168 kWh$163.29
Florida14.11 ¢/kWh1,142 kWh$161.14
South Carolina14.85 ¢/kWh1,081 kWh$160.53
Massachusetts26.66 ¢/kWh602 kWh$160.49

We’ve outlined the best and the worst bills. See how your state did in this chart (1 = lowest bills):

Average electricity bills in all 50 states

StateAugust rate Avg. monthly usageAvg. billCost ranking
Alabama15.59 ¢/kWh1,145 kWh$178.51 48
Alaska23.73 ¢/kWh 552 kWh$130.99 21
Arizona13.18 ¢/kWh1,114 kWh$146.83 35
Arkansas12.62 ¢/kWh1,060 kWh$146.8335
California27.27 ¢/kWh572 kWh$155.98 38
Colorado14.86 ¢/kWh711 kWh$105.65 7
Connecticut26.64 ¢/kWh711 kWh$189.41 49
Delaware13.36 ¢/kWh932 kWh$124.52 17
Florida14.11 ¢/kWh1,142 kWh$161.1443
Georgia16.20 ¢/kWh1,081 kWh$175.12 47
Hawaii45.73 ¢/kWh537 kWh$245.5750
Idaho10.76 ¢/kWh955 kWh$102.765
Illinois16.99 ¢/kWh721 kWh$122.50 16
Indiana15.64 ¢/kWh938 kWh$146.70 34
Iowa15.25 ¢/kWh865 kWh$131.9124
Kansas14.91 ¢/kWh883 kWh$131.66 23
Kentucky13.53 ¢/kWh1,073 kWh$145.1832
Louisiana13.85 ¢/kWh1,201 kWh$166.3445
Maine21.18 ¢/kWh570 kWh$120.73 14
Maryland14.31 ¢/kWh957 kWh$13695 28
Massachusetts26.66 ¢/kWh602 kWh$160.49 41
Michigan17.90 ¢/kWh676 kWh$121.00 15
Minnesota15.12 ¢/kWh775 kWh$11718 11
Mississippi12.61 ¢/kWh1,146 kWh$144.51 31
Missouri14.63 ¢/kWh1,028 kWh$150.40 36
Montana11.55 ¢/kWh858 kWh$99.10 2
Nebraska11.73 ¢/kWh1,013 kWh$118.12 13
Nevada13.58 ¢/kWh973 kWh$132.13 25
New Hampshire27.47 ¢/kWh630 kWh$173.06 46
New Jersey17.35 ¢/kWh683 kWh$118.50 12
New Mexico15.09 ¢/kWh670 kWh$101.10 4
New York21.20 ¢/kWh602 kWh$127.62 18
North Carolina12.40 ¢/kWh1,041 kWh$129.08 20
North Dakota12.72 ¢/kWh1,085 kWh$138.01 29
Ohio15.08 ¢/kWh873 kWh$131.65 22
Oklahoma14.45 ¢/kWh1,078 kWh$155.77 37
Oregon11.59 ¢/kWh916 kWh$106.16 8
Pennsylvania16.50 ¢/kWh846 kWh$139.59 30
Rhode Island21.49 ¢/kWh594 kWh$127.65 19
South Carolina14.85 ¢/kWh1,081 kWh$160.53 42
South Dakota13.03 ¢/kWh1,037 kWh$135.12 27
Tennessee13.98 ¢/kWh1,168 kWh$163.29 44
Texas13.93 ¢/kWh1,132 kWh$157.69 40
Utah11.43 ¢/kWh769 kWh$87.90 1
Vermont20.20 ¢/kWh567 kWh$114.53 10
Virginia14.35 ¢/kWh1,095 kWh$157.13 39
Washington10.37 ¢/kWh969 kWh$100.49 3
West Virginia13.86 ¢/kWh1,051 kWh$145.67 33
Wisconsin15.79 ¢/kWh694 kWh$109.589
Wyoming11.58 ¢/kWh869 kWh$103.246
United States15.95 ¢/kWh893 kWh$142.43

How have electricity bills changed since last year?

Bills in New Hampshire increased by the greatest percentage from a year ago, going up 40.2% since August 2021. Bills increased year-over-year in every state except in Montana.

10 States with a decrease or small increase in electricity bills

StateAugust 2022 avg. billAugust 2021 avg. bill% change
Montana$99.10 $99.79 -0.7%
Idaho $102.76 $102.57 0.2%
Michigan $121.00$120.73 0.2%
Oregon $106.16 $105.52 0.6%
Nebraska $118.82 $117.91 0.8%
Washington$100.49 $99.52 1%
South Dakota $135.12 $133.05 1.6%
Alaska$130.99 $128.671.8%
Wyoming $103.24 $101.24 2%
New Jersey$118.50 $114.68 3.3%

10 States with the largest increase in electricity bills

StateAugust 2022 avg. billAugust 2021 avg. bill% change
New Hampshire$173.06 $123.42 40.2%
Illinois $122.50$92.9431.8%
Connecticut $189.41$147.5328.4%
Tennessee$163.29 $131.1724.5%
Maine$120.73$97.70 23.6%
Nevada$132.13 $106.9323.6%
Georgia $175.12 $143.99 21.6%
Louisiana $166.34 $137.75 20.7%

What to do about high bills?

The first thing you can do is reduce the amount of energy you use. There are a lot of ways to lower your home’s energy consumption and, as a result, pay less on energy bills. Some energy-saving tips are easy and painless.

To reduce your energy consumption, it helps to know where you are using power in your home. You can use the SaveOnEnergy usage calculator to estimate your home’s energy consumption.

For residents or businesses in deregulated areas, another way to lower your energy bills is to find lower electricity supply rates. Deregulated states allow energy consumers to choose the company that provides their energy. Click on your state, enter your ZIP code, and explore whether you can lower your electricity rate:

New HampshireNew JerseyNew York
OhioPennsylvaniaTexas will continue to track monthly electricity bills. Bookmark this page to see which state residents are getting the best and worst deals on electricity.


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