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Georgia Solar Incentives: Tax Credits & Rebates Guide 2024
  • Written by Caitlin Ritchie
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  • Edited by Jamie Cesanek
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  • Last updated 09/21/2023

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Key Points

  • Georgia solar panels typically cost about $37,400 for a 10 kilowatt system.
  • Residents can significantly reduce their energy bills and save thousands by investing in home solar panels.
  • The federal solar tax credit can help you recover 30% of the cost of your solar panels.
  • Currently, there are no free solar panel programs in Georgia. If you encounter someone offering solar panels for free, it’s likely a scam.

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Solar power FAQs

  • Investing in Georgia solar energy can offer long-term savings on your electricity bills. The exact amount you can save will depend on a few factors, including how much energy you typically use. On average, Georgia receives about 218 sunny days yearly, making it a good state for solar installations. Choose from the best solar panels to ensure your system generates enough electricity for your home.

  • SaveOnEnergy can help connect you with trusted solar installers in your area. Use the resources on this page to better understand solar energy in Georgia. Once you understand the solar industry, fill out the form or call the number on your screen to discuss how much you could save with solar for your home.

  • Solar panels typically can last anywhere from 25 to 30 years or more. But the exact lifetime of solar panels in Georgia, as in any other location, can be influenced by many factors like maintenance, panel quality, climate conditions, and manufacturer warranties. With proper care, solar panels in Georgia can provide clean and renewable energy for several decades.

  • We recommend working with experienced and reputable installers, picking high-quality panels, and following the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions to maximize the lifespan of your solar panels in Georgia. Regular cleaning to remove dust and debris and occasional inspections to detect and address any potential issues will also help extend the lifespan of your solar panels.

  • While various incentives and programs are available to help make solar panels more affordable, there are no completely free solar panel systems in Georgia. But homeowners can take advantage of federal tax credits, state-level incentives, and financing options to significantly reduce the upfront costs of installing solar panels. It’s recommended to research and consult with local solar installers or visit the official websites of relevant government departments to learn about the specific incentives and financing options available in Georgia.

  • Solar panels are powered by sunlight, a natural and renewable energy source. Unlike traditional fossil fuels, solar panels don’t emit carbon dioxide, which contributes to global warming. Using solar at home is an excellent way to reduce your environmental impact and live a more sustainable life.

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