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Louisiana Solar Panel Costs: 2024 Savings Guide
  • Written by Saltanat Berdikeeva
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  • Edited by Jamie Cesanek
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  • Last updated 03/06/2024

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Key Points

  • Solar panels in Louisiana cost $3.70 per watt, totaling $37,000 for an average 10-kilowatt system.
  • Solar prices have decreased by 42% in Louisiana over the last 10 years, and solar tax credits and incentives can lower the cost even more.
  • Your total solar system cost depends on many factors, including installation fees, system size, location, and necessary roof repairs.

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Louisiana solar power FAQs

  • Solar panels cost about $3.70 per watt for an installed cost of about $37,000 in Louisiana. The total cost will vary depending on system size, components, location, energy needs, roof repairs, and more. These costs do not include local and federal solar incentives, which can reduce the net cost by 30% or more.

  • Solar power has a higher upfront cost but could lead to long-term savings. Over the lifetime of your solar panels, you could save thousands on your energy bills and improve your energy independence. The amount you save depends on your location, available sunlight, energy consumption, and other factors.

  • Louisiana has several great solar installers, with 35 solar installers in the state. However, shopping around and comparing quotes before committing to a contract is important. SaveOnEnergy is here to ease the decision process. Call the number on your screen to connect with a solar advisor or fill out the form on this page to receive a custom solar savings estimate.

  • Yes, there are a variety of Louisiana solar incentives. The most notable is the federal solar tax credit, providing 30% of the cost of your solar system in credit when you file taxes. You may also qualify for a property tax exemption after installing solar panels in Louisiana. Net metering is another popular solar incentive in Louisiana, though the rate depends on your utility company.

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