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Las Vegas Solar Panels: 2022 Cost and Local Incentives

Written by Faith Foushee/

Edited by Hannah Hillson

Last updated 11/18/2022

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Solar power FAQs

  • The median cost of a solar system in Las Vegas is $27,318. The price depends on the system size, location, and many other factors. Federal and state governments offer incentives and programs to make the cost of a solar system more affordable. Solar leases or PPAs are another financial options to explore. 

  • Solar panels are a great investment in Las Vegas to save energy and money on electricity bills. Installing solar systems increases your home’s resale value for the future. Nevada is ranked the sixth best state in the U.S. for solar energy, so Las Vegas is a great place to invest in solar. 

  • SaveOnEnergy can help find the best solar panel installer in your area. Enter your ZIP code and answer a few questions on this form to get connected with a solar installer near you. 

  • Solar power doesn’t emit carbon dioxide and is a renewable resource. Investing in solar panels lowers your home’s carbon footprint and helps reduce the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere.

  • There are many other options to use solar energy, such as solar shingles and solar panels for RVs. Solar shingles are smaller versions of standard solar panels but resemble rooftop shingles. Solar panels for RVs provide clean energy to consumers on the go. 

Solar energy by state

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