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New Jersey Solar Panels: Pricing and Incentives

How much do solar panels cost in New Jersey?

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Solar power in New Jersey

New Jersey is a leader in solar power as more homeowners embrace the financial and environmental benefits of green energy. Currently, more than seven percent of the state’s electricity comes from solar – earning it a spot within the top 10 solar-generating states in the country.

If you live in the Garden State, adding solar panels to your home can be a wise investment. By investing in New Jersey solar energy, you can save money, cut your carbon emissions, and establish energy independence. Keep reading to learn more about switching to solar in New Jersey.

New Jersey solar panel cost

According to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s Tracking the Sun report,  in New Jersey solar panel system price per watt ranges between $2.82 and $4.31 per watt, with system sizes ranging from 5.4-kW to 11.9-kW, resulting in a system cost range between $15,352 and $51,323. The New Jersey median solar panel system price per watt is $3.54, and median system size is 8.1-kW, resulting in a $28,908 median system cost before factoring in any tax credits, rebates, or other New Jersey solar incentives.

Based on these estimated costs, most home solar systems pay for themselves within six to nine years after installation. Keep in mind that New Jersey solar cost will depend on a few different variables, including the size and configuration of the system, local taxes, and installation costs.

Price Per Watt System Size (kW) Cost
High $4.31 11.9 kW $51,323
Median $3.54 8.1 kW $28,908
Low $2.82 5.4 kW $15,352


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New Jersey solar incentives or rebates

For many homeowners, the upfront costs of solar can be intimidating. Fortunately, there are several ways to offset these expenses, including tax credits, renewable energy credits, and net metering.

First, the federal government provides a 26% tax break to homeowners that install solar panels on their primary or secondary residence. To qualify, you’ll need to finish your New Jersey solar installation by the end of 2022. The credit decreases to 22% for installations completed in 2023 before expiring in 2024 (unless renewed by Congress).

In addition, the state government also offers solar incentives to encourage homeowners to go green. For example, there’s no sales tax on solar panels purchased in the Garden State. Plus, there are no additional property taxes required for adding solar panels (even though solar increases the value of a home). While there isn’t a specific New Jersey solar rebate, these tax incentives provide similar value.

On top of this, New Jersey has a net metering program, which allows homeowners to sell surplus electricity back to the public grid. They can also earn renewable energy credits for the solar power that they produce. The credits can then be sold to utility companies for savings.

Why choose New Jersey solar power?

There are many reasons to choose New Jersey solar. Here are three of the biggest reasons to make the switch.

Lower energy costs

Reduced energy costs are a major selling point of solar power. Instead of buying electricity from your utility or energy provider, solar panels allow you to generate your own electricity. As a result, you’re no longer obligated to make monthly payments for your energy usage.

Establish energy independence

When you produce your own power, you won’t have to depend on the public grid for electricity. As such, you won’t be affected by widespread power outages or blackouts if you have a solar battery to store your extra energy. You also won’t have to deal with your energy expenses constantly fluctuating due to varying demand.

Go green

Going solar is also a great way to protect the planet. By switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy, you’ll reduce your carbon emissions and minimize your environmental footprint.

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Should I buy or lease my solar panels?

It’s a common dilemma for homeowners: should you buy or lease your solar panels? The answer will depend on your particular situation, but the bottom line is that purchasing your solar system will offer more long-term financial benefits.

Let’s look at the advantages of buying your solar panels outright. For starters, you can only take advantage of the federal and New Jersey solar tax credit programs if you own your solar system. Plus, if you ever sell your house, having a solar system will add $15,000 to its resale value.

However, there are also compelling reasons to consider leasing your solar system or signing a solar power purchase agreement (PPA). For example, if you don’t have the financial resources to pay for solar panels upfront, solar leases and PPAs are wonderful ways to reap the benefits of solar energy. Alternatively, if you rent your home, have an old roof, or otherwise can’t install solar panels, you may be able to share a solar system through a community solar project.

New Jersey solar panel companies

As a New Jersey resident, you can choose from a number of companies for your solar needs. But before you choose a solar panel company in your area, you should do your research. Ask about each company’s history, read reviews, and search for customer testimonials. SaveOnEnergy is also here with a wealth of guides and resources to help you navigate the solar energy industry.

The history of solar power in New Jersey

Currently, New Jersey is tenth in the nation for solar production. The state has invested more than $11 billion in solar as part of its ambitious Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), which requires 50% of electricity to come from renewable sources by 2030.

As one of the top solar states, it’s not surprising that New Jersey has numerous solar projects running and in development. For example, the Pilesgrove Solar Project (18 MW) was completed in 2015 and generates enough electricity to power almost 2,800 homes.

Important solar factors to consider

Solar is a worthwhile investment in New Jersey, but there are a few factors to consider before making a purchase, including: 

  • Age, slope, and condition of your roof: According to the Department of Energy, solar panels will work best on a south-facing roof that has a 15-40 degree slope. Roofs should also be in good condition and not in need of updates or repairs.
  • Sunshine levels: Solar panels will generate the most power when they’re in direct sunlight. They’re best suited for sunny climates, but they’ll also work in New Jersey conditions (as long as they aren’t blocked by trees or buildings).
  • HOA or neighborhood guidelines: Check with your HOA or community association to find out if you need approval to add solar panels to your home.

Solar power FAQs

How much would solar cost in New Jersey? Expand / Collapse Toggle

New Jersey solar cost will vary depending on a few factors, including which components you choose for your system. If you add a solar battery or high-efficiency panels, your costs will be higher. However, the average price of solar panels is $15,000 to $25,000 (before credits and other incentives).

Is solar power a good investment in New Jersey? Expand / Collapse Toggle

In many scenarios, solar is an excellent investment. However, if you live in place with very little sunlight or you don’t consume very much energy, then solar may not be worth it. We’ve covered a few of these factors in the previous section.

How much could I save by investing in solar? Expand / Collapse Toggle

Electricity rates in New Jersey can be high, with the average energy bill coming in at $110.65 per month. For the entire year, you could save at least $1,092 per year by switching to solar.

Where can I find a good solar panel installer in New Jersey? Expand / Collapse Toggle

At SaveOnEnergy, we work with leading installers in the solar industry and can connect you with the best one for your needs. Submit the contact form on this page to get the process started.

How does solar power help the environment? Expand / Collapse Toggle

Solar is a renewable and natural resource. Unlike traditional fossil fuels, it doesn’t produce carbon emissions, so it’s cleaner and safer for the environment. By using solar power for your home, business, or recreational vehicle, you can shrink your carbon footprint and help protect the earth.