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What are home solar batteries?

Written by Sarah Lozanova /

Edited by Jamie Cesanek

Last updated 07/21/2023

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Key Points

  • Solar batteries allow you to store electricity for use during grid outages.
  • Although home energy storage systems are expensive, available incentives can reduce the cost.
  • When selecting a solar battery, it’s important to consider its projected lifespan, warranty, and storage capacity.

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Solar battery FAQs

  • A solar battery generally lasts anywhere from five to 15 years. You can maintain a healthy lifespan for your solar battery by protecting it from extreme weather conditions and never drawing more energy out of the battery than recommended. 

  • Energy storage system warranties are usually stated in years or cycles. It’s common to see a solar battery with a warranty lasting for 10 years or 10,000 cycles. In this instance, the warranty will likely expire when you hit either of those marks.

  • The power capacity is the total amount of solar electricity your battery can store. Most solar batteries are stackable, meaning you can use numerous batteries with one solar system. You should understand the depth of discharge (DoD) — the amount of battery storage you can use. For instance, if a solar battery has 95% DoD, you can use that much of the battery’s capacity.

  • There are many quality solar batteries on the market, such as the Tesla Powerwall, LG RESU, SunPower SunVault, Enphase IQ, Sonnen ECO, Generac PWRcell, and several others. The best solar battery for your home depends on your energy needs and budget. Refer to SaveOnEnergy’s solar battery guide for a detailed look into the best battery options in 2023.

  • Yes, there are tax credits available for solar batteries. You can add a battery to an existing solar system or install a new solar system with a battery, and both options can qualify for a solar tax credit. The federal tax credit can reduce the total cost by 30%. 

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