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What is IGS Energy?

  • Headquarters: Dublin, Ohio
  • Markets served: California, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia, Texas, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Maryland
  • See how the company’s energy-efficient building is leading in sustainability
  • Learn more about the awards IGS Energy is receiving as a leader in the energy industry

A leading independent supplier of electricity and natural gas, Interstate Gas Supply Inc. (IGS) Energy rates are competitively priced and offer customers in deregulated markets the opportunity to shop around for the electricity or natural gas plan that fits their lifestyle.

IGS Energy is Ohio based, a family-owned company that’s been in business for 25 years and serves more than 1 million customers. It acquired Accent Energy in 2011.

Competitive IGS Energy rates across the country

Not only is IGS Energy in Ohio, the company offers electricity and natural gas in deregulated markets in 10 additional states.

The process of providing customers with competitive rates is simple. Independent suppliers such as IGS purchase electricity and natural gas from various energy sources, sometimes at a better rate than the local utility. Independent suppliers are able to pass the savings on to you in the form of more competitive energy rates. However, your utility will still deliver energy to your home through the same power lines or gas pipelines as before. If you ever experience a power outage, your utility will be the company you call for repairs.

Green options for IGS gas and IGS electricity

For many households, preserving natural resources and using new sources of energy is a priority. There are a variety of sources for green energy, including: solar energy, hydroelectric, landfill gas, biomass and wind. Depending on where you live, you may be able to purchase green energy from one of these sources as an add-on to an IGS electricity or IGS gas plan.

What kinds of plans does IGS offer?

IGS Energy offers three energy plans customers may be able to choose from for IGS gas or IGS electricity: fixed rate, variable rate and guaranteed savings.

With a fixed-rate plan, you’ll know exactly how much your monthly energy bill will be throughout your contract. Fixed-rate plans have a locked in price that doesn’t fluctuate when the market rate of electricity or natural gas changes.

On the other hand, a variable-rate plan does change when the market price of electricity or gas goes up or down. You won’t be able to predict if your monthly energy bill will be higher or lower than last month. However, when the market price for energy is low, you’ll be able to capitalize on that low rate of energy. When the market price is high, you’ll need to expect higher bills.

IGS Energy’s guaranteed savings plan is a cross between its fixed-rate and variable-rate plans. With guaranteed savings, you’ll be charged a variable rate for your energy that IGS guarantees will be a specific percentage less than the rate your utility would charge you. This plan also promises consistent savings every month on your cost of energy.

Corporate Address:

IGS Energy

6100 Emerald Parkway Dublin, Ohio 43016

Phone: (614) 659-5000

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