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Public Utilities Commissions

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What is a public utility commission?

A public utility commission (PUC) is a government entity formed to regulate electric utility companies. It can also be called a utilities commission, utility regulatory commission (URC), or a public service commission (PSC). The PUC is responsible for setting rates, fees, and other services of public utilities.

In regulated areas, PUCs oversees the rates that utilities are allowed to charge customers for electric service. In deregulated areas, these rates are kept in check through competition among retail electric providers (REPs). Public utilities are only responsible for delivering power and maintaining infrastructure. The PUC in deregulated areas sets delivery fees and manages consumer complaints.

Public utility commissions for deregulated markets

Public utilities commissions operate in regulated and deregulated energy markets, in slightly different capacities. The PUCs in the country’s deregulated electric and natural gas markets are:

Consumer choice programs run by public utility commissions

In an effort to make deregulated energy simpler for consumers switching providers or moving into the state, some PUCs run consumer choice programs. These programs provider information about the deregulated market and allow consumers to see the providers available on the market. These programs include:

These programs can be a good way to get your bearings in a new market before committing to a plan and provider. However, they also list all suppliers in the market regardless of reputation, which can make shopping overwhelming and less straightforward.

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How to file a complaint with your PUC

As part of their regulatory duties, PUCs a responsible for handling customer complaints against utility companies. This option takes effect when a consumer decides his or her utility has not properly handled the original complaint and moves to formal proceedings with the area’s PUC.

Complaints with PUCs operate much like court cases, so some PUCs have an informal complaint option as a lesser first step. The PUC will investigate the complaint and inform the consumer and the utility company of the resolution. For more information about filing a complaint with your area’s PUC, visit the commission’s website.

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