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Community Solar Basics

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Last updated 12/01/2022

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Key Points

  • Community solar helps a wide range of customers save on electricity bills and lower their carbon footprint
  • More and more states and utilities in the U.S. are supporting community solar programs
  • Joining, transferring, or canceling a community solar subscription is easy and flexible

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Community solar FAQs

  • Community solar can help you lower your electricity bills by providing cheaper energy than the typical utility. Community solar programs are also a better option for renters, apartment dwellers, or homeowners who do not want to make the commitment of purchasing a solar system outright.

  • Depending on how much energy you normally consume, community solar can cover your entire electricity use.

  • Yes. Community solar is a great option for those who cannot or do not want to install solar panels on their own property, including renters.

  • If you move to a place that is part of the community solar service area, you can transfer solar credits to your new home. If you move outside the service area, you can pass your credits to someone else or end your subscription. Check with your community solar provider for details.

  • No, you will not be able to take advantage of most tax credits and rebates. Only owners of solar systems are eligible to receive such benefits.

  • Cancelling your shared solar subscription is usually very simple. Typically, there aren’t any fees or charges to cancel your subscription. But there may be a required minimum amount of time that you have to provide notice of your cancellation. You can find details on the subscription cancellation process in your agreement.

  • Check the websites of your utility and state and local governments for details on a community solar program in your area. Community solar is not yet available everywhere. If shared solar is available near you, researching community solar companies in your area and their legitimacy is an important step to avoiding community solar scams. A great source of general information on community solar in the U.S. is the Department of Energy

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