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Electric Rates by State May 2024

Written by Caitlin Ritchie/

Edited by Jamie Cesanek

Last updated 05/01/2024

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Frequently asked questions about energy rates by state

  • The average household in the U.S. consumes about 899 kWh per month, according to the EIA.

  • Louisiana consumes the most residential energy each month, using an average of 1,231 kWh of power.

  • Hawaii residents typically use the least amount of energy each month, averaging 515 kWh of energy.

  • There are several factors that can impact how much you pay for electricity, including:

    • Location
    • Seasonality
    • Weather conditions
    • Consumption habits
    • Fuel costs
    • Power grid operation and functionality
  • The most reliable way to lower your electric bill is by cutting down on your energy consumption. SaveOnEnergy has several helpful guides with tips on how to reduce your energy usage.

    However, you will only be able to save so much if you are locked into an energy plan with a high rate. If you are interested in securing a lower energy rate or finding a new plan, SaveOnEnergy is here to help. Enter your ZIP code above or call the number on your screen to explore available rates in your area.

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