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Last updated 06/08/2022

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How to find the best electricity rates in Edinburg with

When shopping for cheap electricity in Edinburg, Texas electricity rates vary based on your location, energy provider, and other factors. We work with suppliers to provide up-to-date rates on available plans. You can sign up for the plan you want in three simple steps:

  • Explore your options: Start by entering your ZIP code above. You can use our filtering tool to explore different options based on plan type, provider, and renewable energy.
  • Sign up online or by phone: Once you find the plan you like, you can sign up online. If you have questions or need more help, call the number on the screen to speak with an energy specialist.
  • Enjoy your savings: Your provider will handle the rest of the account setup. Now you can relax and enjoy the savings.

Cheap energy prices in Edinburg

Energy rates can vary based on the season. Therefore, it’s important to know when it is the best time to shop around. Thankfully, this chart helps you see what the average rate is throughout the year. We used data from the Energy Information Administration, with prices in cents per kWh. 

Right now, you could secure a cheap rate as low as 7.7 cents per kWh with Frontier Utilities or Express Energy.

How weather affects Edinburg electricity rates

Weather, and other factors, can influence energy demand. The average summer temperature in Edinburgh is 98 degrees, so energy demand increases as more residents use their air conditioning to cool down. In the winter, spring, and autumn, energy demand decreases as temperatures level off. 

Energy demand directly influences energy rates, which means summer will see energy rates increase as demand goes up. The best time to shop for energy rates are during the fall and spring when energy demand decreases. 

Moving to Edinburg?

Edinburg residents enjoy close access to Mexico and the Texas coastline. They also have unique attractions like The Museum of South Texas History and La Sienna Park. If you plan to move to the area or need a new provider, SaveOnEnergy can help. Our marketplace allows you to compare Edinburg electricity rates quickly. Entering your ZIP code allows you to find an affordable rate in seconds. 

Energy providers and utility companies in Edinburg

While you have the power to choose your electricity provider, you cannot choose your utility company. Electricity providers are responsible for generating the electricity that powers your home or business. Whereas the utility company is determined by where you live. They are responsible for delivering power to your home, fixing power outages, and maintaining power infrastructure. 

Utilities: The utility in Edinburg is AEP Texas.

Providers: There are many Edinburg electricity providers to consider, including Express Energy, Payless Power, and TXU Energy.

Power outages in Edinburg

Make sure to contact your utility, not your energy provider, when a power outage occurs. You can contact AEP Texas by:

  • Visiting the outage center  
  • Calling 1-866-223-8508 to report an outage

Types of plans in Edinburg

We offer many plans on our marketplace like fixed-rate, no-deposit, prepaid, variable-rate, and renewable options. Our article on picking a plan contains helpful information to help you explore the different options. To find available plans near you, enter your ZIP code or call the number on your screen. 

Fixed-rate plans in Edinburg

By signing up for a fixed-rate plan, your rate will stay the same throughout your contract. You do not have to worry about price hikes due to seasonal variations or other issues. However, if you cancel before the contract expires, you might be charged an early termination fee (ETF). 

Variable-rate plans in Edinburg

Variable-rate plans give you the flexibility to change as you need to without any early termination fees. However, your rate will fluctuate with the market price of energy. Which means during peak seasons, your electric bill can spike. 

Green electricity in Edinburg

As more people adopt sustainable ways of living, green energy options are increasing in demand — particularly in Texas. In fact, the state produces the most wind energy in the U.S. It also ranks within the top five for solar power generation.

Any electricity plan you buy in Texas will include at least a portion of renewable energy, and some plans are 100% renewable energy. You can find out how much your plan has by reading the Electricity Facts Label (EFL). 

There are also a handful of Edinburg electricity providers that offer 100% renewable energy plans. Those providers are Gexa Energy, Chariot Energy, and Iberdrola Texas are two of these companies.

Business energy plans in Edinburg

Energy choice isn’t just for homeowners and renters. Business owners can take advantage of great commercial electricity rates for their company office, retail outlet, or other location. Speak with a SaveOnEnergy energy wizard today to find the best electricity rate for your business.

Calculate your energy usage in Edinburg

Our energy calculator allows you to receive an estimate of your home’s monthly energy usage. With the information you provide, we can pair it with a plan most suitable for your needs.

Edinburg FAQs

  • Cheap electricity in Edinburg depends on the provider and type of plan you want. Frontier Utilities and Express Energy offer 12-month fixed-rate plans from 7.7 cents per kWh. However, variable-rate and 100% renewable energy plans will have different rates. Enter your ZIP code to explore current electricity rates in your area.

  • To find a green energy plan, start by providing your ZIP code. Then, go to the filter section located to the left of the plans. Select the green energy box to find the options in your area.

  • There are a few different ways to begin lowering your utility bill. Have regular inspections done on your home’s HVAC unit, set the thermostat warmer when you’re away from home, or use energy-efficient lighting. If possible, you can also switch providers or plans when you find a lower rate.

  • There isn’t one best electric company near you. Instead, the best provider depends on your energy needs. Variable-rate customers should consider TXU Energy, with rates beginning at 16 cents per kWh. Meanwhile, green energy households have Gexa Energy, with rates starting from 7.9 cents per kWh.

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