Best Off-Grid Solar Systems in 2022 |

Best Off-Grid Solar Systems in 2022

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Best off-grid solar system in 2022

Many consumers are interested in home solar panels because they want to live off the grid. Residential solar systems can increase your energy independence while also helping to lower your energy costs and decrease your carbon footprint. There are certain benefits of an off-grid solar system, including significantly lowering (if not eliminating) your electricity bill and protection from power outages.

Finding the right off-grid solar kit doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are our picks for the best off-grid solar systems in 2022:

  • WindyNation 400W Kit
  • Renogy 100W Solar Starter Kit
  • Eco-Worthy 200W complete solar panel kit
  • Eco LLC 2,000W 48 Volt off-grid solar system
  • AltE 1,980W “tiny house” base kit #3

Understanding your energy usage is key when searching for an off-grid solar system. You can use the SaveOnEnergy usage calculator to estimate your household energy usage.

The average household uses about 893 kilowatt-hours (kWh) every month. This averages out to about 1,223 watts (W) per month. There are 1,000 kilowatts in a watt and 730 hours in a month. Here is how we converted kilowatt-hours into watts.

893 kWh X 1,000 / 730 hours = 1,223 W

It’s important to keep this in mind because most off-grid solar kits measure their power output in watts instead of kWh.

Before choosing your off-grid solar kit, you should also think about your energy goals. Do you want to power your entire home with your off-grid solar system? If so, you will need to invest in a kit with a larger power output. If you only need to power an RV, boat, or just a few devices, you could choose a kit with a lower power output instead. The prices included in these reviews are accurate at the time of publication.

Best Off-Grid Solar System by Save On Energy

WindyNation 400W kit

  • Price: $769.98 – $1,917.97
  • Power output: 400W
  • Includes: 4 monocrystalline solar panels, 1 inverter, 1 charge controller, 4 deep cycle batteries, all necessary cables and mounting equipment
  • Warranty: 5 years for panels, 25 years for output, 1 year for all other parts

The WindyNation 400 Watt Complete Solar Charging Kit includes four monocrystalline solar panels, a charge controller, an inverter, four solar batteries, and all of the necessary cables, mounting equipment, and hardware needed for the solar system to run efficiently. Each solar panel is capable of producing 100 watts, so combined this kit can generate a maximum 400 watts. WindyNation explains that this kit is ideal for RVs, boats, cabins, and as a backup power supply. The included inverter is 1,500W, which would allow you to power several devices at once. Depending on where you purchase the WindyNation kit, you may have a few options when it comes to the type of battery included.

Explore WindyNation 400W solar kit options on Amazon.

Renogy 100W Solar Starter Kit

  • Price: $205.99
  • Power output: 100W
  • Includes: 1 monocrystalline solar panel, 1 charge controller, and the necessary cables and brackets
  • Warranty: 25 year for panels and output

The Renogy 100W Solar Power Starter Kit has a lower power output than many of its competitors, but the lower price point makes it a good option if you are new to solar. This kit includes one 100W solar panel, a charge controller, and the required cables and mounting brackets. One thing to note is that this Renogy solar kit does not include solar batteries, which are crucial for storing extra power for times when your panels aren’t generating electricity. Renogy offers an expansion kit if you decide to add more panels to your off-grid solar system. Because the starter kit has a lower power output, it is best for RVs, boats, or as a backup power source for homes.

Explore Renogy 100W solar kit options on Amazon.

Eco-Worthy 100 – 200W Complete Solar Panel Kit

  • Price: $269 – $609.00
  • Power output: 100W – 200W
  • Includes: 1 – 2 monocrystalline solar panels, a solar controller, inverter and battery options, and all required cables and mounting brackets
  • Warranty: 2 year material warranty for panels, 1 year material warranty for accessories

The Eco-Worthy Complete Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit is a very customizable option if you are searching for a flexible off-grid solar kit. Depending on your energy needs and budget, you can choose one or two 100W monocrystalline solar panels. The kit also includes a solar controller and all of the necessary cables and mounting equipment. You can also choose to add solar batteries and an inverter, which are both important components for off-grid solar systems. If you opt for two 100W solar panels, you could use this system to power an RV, boat, or tiny home.

Explore Eco-Worthy 100-200W solar kit options on Amazon.

Eco-Worthy 2,000W Expandable Solar Kit

  • Price: $2,759.99 – $4,489.99
  • Power output: 900W
  • Includes: 20 monocrystalline solar panels, all-in-one inverter, 6-string PV combiner box, options to add batteries, all the necessary cables, mounting brackets, and other components
  • Warranty: 2 year material warranty for panels, 1 year material warranty for accessories

Eco-Worthy also offers a 2,000 Watt Expandable Solar Kit that is suitable if you want an off-grid solar system that can power an entire home. This kit includes 20 100W monocrystalline solar panels, a solar inverter, and options to add solar batteries. This option also has a 6-string combiner box, which acts as a cable and wiring manager and protects the solar system from lightning strikes, short circuits, and other electrical issues. Because this kit is capable of producing 2,000 watts of electricity, it is a good option for powering homes and cabins.

Explore Eco-Worthy 2,000W solar kit options on Amazon.

AltE Tiny House Off-Grid Solar Power Kit

  • Price: starts at $5,375.30
  • Power output: 1,980W
  • Includes: 6 monocrystalline solar panels, combiner box, charge controller, solar inverter, options to add solar batteries and mounting materials
  • Warranty: 5 – 7.5 years depending on battery choice, 10 years material warranty for panels

AltE offers a few off-grid solar kits that are ideal for tiny homes. This Tiny House Off-Grid Solar Power Kit has a power output of 1,980W and includes six 330W monocrystalline solar panels, a combiner box, charge controller, and a solar inverter. There are also add-on options that include solar batteries and mounting bundles, so you can customize the solar system based on your needs. This off-grid solar kit also includes a surge protection device. This solar kit is the most expensive on this list, but it is capable of producing more electricity and can easily power a tiny home or cabin.

Explore AltE Tiny House solar kit options on the AltE Store.

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Find the best off-grid solar system

Solar systems are comprised of several parts, possibly from different manufacturers. The best off-grid solar system is one that works for your needs. The most common parts that make up an off-grid solar system include: 

  • Solar panels
  • Solar inverter
  • Solar battery
  • Charge controller
  • Cables and wiring components
  • Mounting equipment

Thankfully, some manufacturers offer off-grid solar kits that include all of the necessary components for an off-grid system.

How to choose the best off-grid solar system

Before purchasing an off-grid solar system kit, there are a few things you should consider. 

  • System size. It’s best to have an idea of how much electricity you’ll need before choosing an off-grid system. Look for systems that have a power output similar to the amount of electricity you use every month or allow you to expand the system if you need more solar panels to meet your needs.
  • Battery options. Off-grid solar systems rely heavily on battery storage because they are not connected to the power grid. Storing excess electricity in a solar battery will provide you with electricity when your panels aren’t generating power, like at night or when it’s raining. Some off-grid kits include solar batteries, but others do not. 
  • Warranties. Most manufacturers in the solar industry offer warranties on their products. Material warranties cover any defects to the products. Solar panels also usually come with performance warranties, which guarantee the panels will work efficiently.
  • Customizable solar kits. Some off-grid solar kits are more customizable than others. There are several options on this list that allow you to add different types of solar batteries, inverters, and mounting equipment. There are also expansion kits that some manufacturers offer if you later decide to expand the size of your off-grid solar system. 
  • Your location. Where you live will have a big impact on whether an off-grid solar system is the right choice for you. In some states, it’s illegal to disconnect from the power grid. If you live in an area that doesn’t get much sun, only receiving your electricity from solar power might not be the best option and you may want to consider a hybrid solar system instead.

Building an off-grid solar system

If you are interested in building your off-grid solar system instead of buying a kit, you can explore our solar recommendations below. Remember to check that each component is compatible with an off-grid system before buying.

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