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Lumio Solar: Products, Pricing, and Reviews

Written by Faith Foushee

Edited by Hannah Hillson

Last updated 09/07/2022

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Year Founded 2020
Location Lehi, Utah
Service Areas West, Northwest, Central, and Southeast U.S
Service Types Custom designs solar panel systems, handles permit approvals, schedules, and inspection processes.
Types of Panels Sold Black monocrystalline 60-cell panels
Time to Install Eight hours or less
Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating A+ with accreditation

FAQs about Lumio

  • Lumio has been in business since December 2020. The company quickly became one of the top solar providers in the United States. 

  • Lumio operates in the Southeast, West, Northwest, and Central regions of the United States. If Lumio does not work in your area, consider other top solar panel companies.

  • Yes, Lumio handles the permit and approval processes. Correct permits keep you from fines, delays, and other fees.

  • There are many factors to consider when choosing solar energy.® is here to help you learn about the advantages and disadvantages, solar costs, and find the best products for your energy needs.

  • Yes, solar energy is a renewable source. Renewable sources come from natural resources that replenish on their own. Sun, wind, and water are three of the main renewable sources used to generate electricity.

  • Another way to use solar energy is portable solar battery chargers or solar generators. Portable solar panels can charge electronic devices such as laptops and smartphones. Solar generators can use the sun to power your home, camper, boat, or vehicle.

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