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Florida Solar Panels Pricing and Incentives

Last updated 02/22/2022

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Key Points

  • Florida is the third leading state for solar generation.
  • The Sunshine State residents pay an average of $33,318 for a 9 kilowatt (kW) system.
  • Net metering, sales tax exemption, and other incentives can lower the cost of solar for Florida homeowners.

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Florida solar power FAQs

  • According to Berkeley Lab, Florida residents would pay around $33,318 for a 9 kW residential solar panel installation before factoring in the solar tax credit and other Florida solar incentives.

  • Yes, solar energy is a good investment in Florida. Generally, solar panels in Florida have a payback period of about 12 years. While solar panels have product warranties from manufacturers of up to 25 years, they can last for 40 years with proper care and maintenance. To decide if solar panels in Florida are a good investment, factor in your location, energy use, average electricity expenses, roof condition, and shading around your property.

  • Florida residents pay around $153.44 for 1,096 kWh per month. Solar panels let Florida homeowners save in two ways: on electricity costs and by earning utility bill credits from net metering. If you can virtually eliminate your monthly electricity bill, you could be looking at savings of over $1,800 per year. Solar panels could help you save around $13,502 in 20 years, with an average Florida electric bill of $153.44.

  • Florida offers a variety of good solar panel installers. Be sure to do your research before signing a contract with an installer. Read reviews, ask for customer references, and research the company’s track record before deciding. Call the number on this page to let® help you along your solar panel journey.

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