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Maine Solar Panels: Pricing and Incentives

How much do solar panels cost in Maine?

Last updated 11/09/2022

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Solar power FAQs

  • The upfront cost of solar can fall between $12,286 and $45,013 for a system size between 3.6kW and 15kW before using federal tax credits, rebates, and other incentives. The cost will be lower after applying incentives. Your home’s size, energy consumption habits, roof orientation, labor and permitting fees, and other factors will determine the overall cost of solar panels.

  • Solar panels can help you save money on energy, but they may not always be the right fit for everyone. To determine if solar panels are worthwhile, consider your home’s exposure to sunlight and energy usage. While the upfront investment in solar can be pricey, the panels can help you save money on energy bills over time. Solar panels can also improve your home value. Solar is a great investment if the conditions are right.  

  • The amount of savings will depend on factors individual to each household, such as your home’s energy use, solar system size, and more. Maine residents paid an average electricity bill of $120.73 as of November 2022. You can calculate your savings with solar with a simple formula. If the overall cost of solar is $12,000 for a 6kW solar system after using the federal tax credit, your savings calculation looks like this: $120.73 x 12 = $1,448.76. So, the average saving from solar panels in Maine is $1,448.76 per year and estimated $28,975.20 in savings in 20 years. Keep in mind that electricity rates go up over time. Therefore, the total savings could be even higher after 20 years.

  • SaveOnEnergy can help you find the right solar installer. To start the process, enter your information in the form on the screen, and we’ll connect you with a local solar installer.

  • Unlike traditional electricity generation, solar power is a renewable resource. It doesn’t emit harmful greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane, into the atmosphere. According to PV Magazine, “a single solar panel offsets a carbon emissions equivalent exceeding that of ten mature trees.” So, going solar can help cut your home’s carbon footprint.

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