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Montana Solar Panels: Pricing and Incentives

How much do solar panels cost in Montana?

Written by Jessie See

Edited by Hannah Whatley

Last updated 08/24/2022

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Solar power FAQs

  • The national average cost to install a residential solar system is between $3 and $5 dollars per watt, or $24,742. The size of your home, condition of your roof, and company of choice can all impact the total cost of your installation. Luckily, with federal and state incentives, you may be able to offset your initial investment.

  • Whether solar is a good investment will vary depending on factors discussed in the last section. If your home is in a location capable of capturing a lot of sunlight, you may enjoy a huge savings in energy costs. Depending on what your monthly bill was and how much energy you generate, you may even be able to recoup your investment costs in a few years.

  • Your home’s specific needs and energy consumption play a role in determining how much you will save by investing in solar energy. Larger systems may cost more up front, but if you were used to high energy bills, you could save a lot each month by generating your own power. With net metering, you may even be able to sell any excess energy generated back to the power grid.

  • SaveOnEnergy’s independent energy marketplace is a great place to start exploring which solar installer in Montana might be right for you. Before choosing a company, it is a good idea to research a company’s experience and satisfaction ratings. Fill out this form or call us at the number listed above to get more information and find the solar installer in Montana to fit your needs.

  • Nationwide efforts for positive environmental impacts are at an all-time high and solar energy is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. As a renewable energy source, solar energy does not emit harmful pollutants into the atmosphere like fossil fuel plants. Solar panels also rarely impact the local environment since they get installed on existing buildings. 

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