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El Paso Solar Panels: 2022 Cost and Local Incentives

Written by Faith Foushee/

Edited by Jamie Cesanek

Last updated 08/25/2023

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Key Points

  • Solar panels in El Paso and other Texas cities cost an average of $3.34 per watt.
  • In addition to federal incentives, El Paso Electric offers a net metering program for residents with solar.
  • SaveOnEnergy can help you explore solar installers in El Paso to find the best fit for you.

El Paso solar power FAQs

  • The average cost of solar in Texas is $33,400 before any incentives based on a 10 kW system. Solar costs in El Paso vary based on the number of solar panels, any needed roof repairs, and other factors.

  • Yes. According to Turbine Generator, El Paso receives an average of eight hours of direct sunlight per day, which exceeds the recommended daily amount of sun for solar panels. Customers also have a variety of options for solar companies in Texas. Installers will help you explore the incentives and potential savings specific to your home. 

  • Some of the best solar companies operate in El Paso. SaveOnEnergy can help you explore solar options in your area. Answer questions in the form on this page to connect with our solar advisors today. 

  • Solar energy is a renewable source and does not emit greenhouse gases into the air. Electricity usually comes from fossil fuels, like coal and gas, which are limited resources and negatively impact air quality and the environment. Over time, using solar energy to power your home can lead to a lower carbon footprint than traditional electricity. 

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