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Washington Solar Panels Pricing and Incentives
  • Written by Taylor Freitas
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  • Edited by Hannah Whatley
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  • Last updated 09/28/2023

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Key Points

  • Switching to solar in Washington can reduce your utility costs and lower your carbon footprint.
  • The average cost of solar panels in Washington is $3.59 per watt, with an average size of 9 kW and a total average cost of about $32,330.
  • You may qualify for solar tax credits and incentives, which could save you thousands on your solar installation.

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Solar power FAQs

  • With an average cost of $3.59 per watt, an average-sized solar system (including the panels and other key components, like the inverter) would come out to $32,332. You can use the federal tax credit and Washington solar incentives (such as net metering) to offset part of the cost of solar panels in Washington. If you purchase any extras — like a solar generator or batteries — you’ll increase your costs. If you’re on a tight budget, you might consider portable solar panels instead of a whole-home system.

  • Under the right circumstances, solar can be a smart investment in Washington. How much you’ll save will depend on factors like how much electricity you use, the weather conditions at your home, and available incentives in your area.

  • In Washington, the average monthly electricity bill is $110.31. By switching to solar, you could eliminate this monthly expense, which would save you more than $1,300 per year. Plus, if you participate in net metering, you could earn credits back on your bills.

  • Solar is a renewable resource that doesn’t release carbon dioxide when produced (unlike traditional fossil fuels). When you move to solar, you’ll reduce how much carbon your home releases into the environment, helping you lead a cleaner and greener lifestyle.

  • Although there are more solar panel installers entering the market, finding one that you trust doesn’t have to be difficult. SaveOnEnergy can help you find a good installer with high-quality solar products who will oversee everything from permitting to requesting permission to operate (PTO) to installation. Fill out the form on this page or call the number on this page to discuss Washington solar installers with an energy expert. 

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