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Wyoming Solar Panels: Pricing and Incentives

How much do solar panels cost in Wyoming?

Written by Taylor Freitas

Edited by Jamie Cesanek

Last updated 09/22/2022

5 min read

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Solar power FAQs

  • The median cost of a home solar system in the U.S. is $24,472, but specific costs will vary based on where you live and how you configure your system. You can lower these costs if you’re eligible for the federal tax credit or net metering programs. 

  • Solar power can be a worthwhile investment in Wyoming, depending on your circumstances. Your solar investment will be more beneficial to you if your roof receives a great deal of sunlight and you have high monthly energy usage.

  • Considering that the average electricity bill in Wyoming is $102.11 per month, using solar for your home energy needs could save you more than $1,200 per year. 

  • Wyoming has several reliable solar installers. Before you begin looking for a solar company, ensure you’re well-versed in current solar options and regulations in your area. SaveOnEnergy has a vast library of solar resources to help you learn about the industry. You can also enter your information in the form below to connect with a local installer today.

  • Unlike other energy sources, solar power doesn’t emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. As a result, solar-powered homes have a smaller carbon footprint than houses powered by fossil fuels. On top of that, solar power is renewable and therefore better for the environment.

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